COMFORT Seven Ages Sauna

Generationen-Sauna COMFORT: Eine Sauna, die sich an alle Lebenslagen anpasst

COMFORT Seven Ages Sauna

Adapts to all stages of life.


Interior design

Generationensauna mit Handläufen entlang des gesamten Saunainnenraums führen sicher auf die Saunabänke.

Inside the sauna, handrails on the cabin walls function like stair banisters and provide assistance in moving from the lower area by the door up to the extra wide bench at the top. The first seating area is almost at ground-level and can be easily reached without the need to climb. Various lighting elements provide for better visibility within the cabin interior and indirect SUNSET sauna lighting can be installed upon request to further illuminate the handrails, steps and lower benches against the background.

BONATHERM sauna heater

Unterbankheizsystem BONATHERM

BONATHERM is installed underneath the sauna benches, freeing up more space for extra seating. It generates a wonderfully balanced temperature in the sauna. Tucked safely beneath the benches, away from where it might be accidentally touched whilst hot, this sauna heater is ideal for families. A special compartment enables you to create löyly steam with ease.

Sauna control panel 18029

Saunasteuerung 18029
Saunasteuerung 18029

Thanks to its large touchscreen and intuitive user menu, the 18029 control panel with microprocessor technology is child’s play to use – despite its wide array of functions. This control panel features – amongst other things – a 24-hr timer, electronic temperature control and numerous connections.

Sauna control panel 18033

Saunasteuerung 18033

Thanks to its large touchscreen and intuitive user menu, the SANARIUM® 18033 control panel is child’s play to use – despite its wide array of functions. You can even preselect a switch-on option to heat up the sauna ready for when you arrive home!


Saunasteuerung TOUCHCONTROL schwarz

KLAFS TOUCH CONTROL Professional enables you to plan and adjust all settings for spa areas in a simple, controlled manner. Elegantly designed, this sauna control panel features aluminium casing and a scratchproof, high-resolution touchscreen. Inside it is no less impressive; not only is it wonderfully easy to use, but it also enjoys password protection and various connections enabling you to link it to building utilities, service interfaces or MP3 players. This means you can control and administer up to twelve different spa facilities.

KLAFS sauna app

Sauna App von KLAFS

Snow on the motorway, a sudden downpour whilst you’re out jogging? In moments like these, we long for a sauna! With the KLAFS sauna app, you can now switch on your SANARIUM® even when you’re out and about. Then, by the time you arrive home, your SANARIUM® will be ready and waiting for you – having already heated up to the desired temperature. The KLAFS sauna app can be used for the SANARIUM® in conjunction with the 18033 control panel or TOUCH CONTROL, and is available for all conventional smartphone operating systems.




  • All-Generation Sauna - COMFORT, suitable for all ages.
  • A sauna that meets the needs of the whole family.
  • Timeless and stylish design.
  • Spacious sauna benches for comfortable sitting and lying positions.
  • Handrails for entering safely.
  • Newly developed door handle for an ergonomically optimised grip.
  • Lower step heights and entrance for easier ascent.
  • Installation is carried out by our trained expert fitters.
  • A 10-year domestic-use warranty on your sauna and a 5-year warranty on the sauna heater and sauna control unit.