HOME Sauna

HOME Sauna

HOME Sauna

Ideal for newcomers to the world of sauna.


Interior design

Sauna HOME mit Innenverkleidung Hemlock, Saunaleuchte LUMA

If you look inside a HOME sauna, then the high-quality interior panelling will immediately strike you. It is made completely from Scandinavian spruce or, if you prefer, hemlock, with both woods ensuring a pleasant sauna climate. An ergonomically shaped backrest, rounded slats and the LUMA sauna lamp are all pleasing to the eye. The wide benches and headrests promise resting comfort from the first glance.



PLURIS sauna heater

Saunaofen PLURIS

The VDE-certified PLURIS sauna heater features a solid wood heat shield and an extra large stainless steel cavity for sauna stones. The heater has anthracite powder-coated casing. For the icing on the cake, opt for the special optional extra SANARIUM with SaunaPURE® or a SOFTCLIMA sauna heater. Here, humidity and temperature can adjust automatically as desired.

Sauna and SANARIUM® heater MAJUS

Saunaofen MAJUS Sanarium

With its contemporary yet timeless design, it’s guaranteed to attract attention – whether in a sauna or a SANARIUM®. With a capacity for 60kg of sauna stones, the ingeniously constructed MAJUS sauna heater can nonetheless produce as much löyly steam as heaters with considerably larger volume. Used in conjunction with the 18029 sauna control panel, you can also use the SaunaPURE® function – for the purest possible sauna experience.

Sauna control panel 18028

Saunasteuerung 18028

KLAFS 18028 sauna control panel has an elegant, slim-line design with a bespoke aluminium-coloured inlay. Electronically controlled, it reliably ensures the sauna reaches the perfect temperature. The control panel is also splash-proof, features protection against overheating, and switches itself off automatically after four hours.

Sauna control panel 18033

Saunasteuerung 18033

Thanks to its large touchscreen and intuitive user menu, the SANARIUM® 18033 control panel is child’s play to use – despite its wide array of functions. You can even preselect a switch-on option to heat up the sauna ready for when you arrive home!




  • The HOME sauna is one of the best value for money RAL-certified saunas on the market.
  • High-quality interior panelling in Scandinavian spruce or in hemlock upon request.
  • Wide benches and headrests are made from splinter-free softwood.
  • The VDE-approved PLURIS sauna heater with its solid wood protectors, has a large stone filling.
  • The sauna control unit is electronic and simple to operate and always ensures the perfect sauna climate. Nothing is more pleasant then if you decide to furnish your sauna with SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® or a SOFTCLIMAOFEN.
  • The installation is carried out by our trained expert fitters Also suitable for installation by ambitious DIY-loving customers.
  • A 10-year domestic-use warranty on your sauna and a 5-year warranty on the sauna heater and sauna control unit.