Sauna heaters

Saunaofen MAJUS neben Saunaliegen

Sauna heater

The sauna heater has always been at the heart of any sauna. Which is why we treat these stone-filled heaters with the consideration they deserve. When you choose your sauna heater, we offer competent and comprehensive advice, sophisticated designs and bespoke quality. Because not only do you want your sauna heater to generate the perfect sauna climate – you also want it to serve you for many years to come.

MAJUS sauna heater

Saunaofen MAJUS Sanarium

With its contemporary yet timeless design, our MAJUS sauna heater is guaranteed to attract attention – whether in a sauna or a SANARIUM®. With a capacity for 60kg of sauna stones, the ingeniously constructed MAJUS sauna heater can nonetheless produce as much löyly steam as heaters with considerably larger volume. Used in conjunction with the 18029 sauna control panel, you can also use the SaunaPURE® function – for the purest possible sauna experience. This sauna heater, in other words, isn’t only good to look at and full of sophisticated technology – it’s also full of exciting functions. And naturally, it complies with all the safety norms required for VDE certification.

Dank Turboheat-Funktion sind 90 °C in der Sauna in nur 20 Minuten erreicht (Raumtemperatur 20 °C)
Thanks to the Turboheat function, it takes just 20 minutes for the sauna to heat up to 90°C (from 20°C room temperature)

Using the turboheat function, MAJUS can heat the sauna up to 90°C in just 20 minutes. This saves precious time if you suddenly and spontaneously feel like having a sauna. And it also saves precious energy. Thanks to its innovative air flow, the MAJUS channels hot air straight into the sauna via the turboheat flap, thus heating the sauna directly. If the turboheat flap is closed, MAJUS heats the sauna in the traditional manner, by channelling heat into the sauna stones, which in turn radiate the heat into the cabin.

Saunaofen MAJUS Turboheat geschlossen
MAJUS sauna heater, Turboheat flap closed
Saunaofen MAJUS Turboheat geschlossen
MAJUS sauna heater, Turboheat flap open

PLURIS sauna heater

For smaller saunas which are not large enough to accommodate MAJUS, the compactly sized, wall-mounted PLURIS sauna heater is an excellent alternative. With its unobtrusive design, PLURIS blends harmoniously with its surroundings. And despite being small, it can hold up to 30kg of sauna stones, enabling sauna lovers to enjoy plenty of löyly steam. And by opting for SOFTCLIMA, you can add even more variety to your PLURIS sauna heater. All our sauna heaters have several things in common. They’re all manufactured to highest quality standards, and they’re all exceptionally safe and durable. Air is channelled cleverly to keep air discharge to a minimum, thus creating the perfect climate inside the sauna.

Saunaofen PLURIS Detailansicht
PLURIS SOFTCLIMA heater and aroma bowl
Saunaofen PLURIS

BONATHERM underseat heating system

BONATHERM underseat heating system
In die Liegenblende eingelassene Aufgussklappe

Warmth is wonderful – the smiles on the faces of sauna goers say it all. But there’s no need to sit and stare the source of such warmth. The BONATHERM underseat heating system is small in size but big in impact. Filled with 100kg of sauna stones, it suffuses the sauna evenly with warmth and creates a particularly pleasant atmosphere. Tucked out of harm’s way under the benches, adults and children alike are safe from accidental burns, and can enjoy the extra space in the sauna. The special highlight: a löyly flap, mounted into the trimming on the benches. Naturally our BONATHERM system is also available asSANARIUM with SaunaPURE®.

Das Unterbankheizsystem BONATHERM bietet eine besonders günstige Wärmeverteilung.
The BONATHERM underseat heating system diffuses warmth wonderfully evenly.