Beneficial effects of sauna and SANARIUM®

The ancient tradition of sweat bathing is pure indulgence for body and soul. But only by using a sauna on a regular basis can your body begin to build up effective barriers against various stressors. Which is why more and more people today are choosing to install a home sauna. By reading these pages, you can discover how to make the very most of your sauna.

Sauna against Coronavirus

Latest informationen about coronavirus and how sauna and dry salt aerosol treatment work against it.

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ABC of well-being
From A to Z – Discover our ABC of well-being

Simple definitions of words relating to the world of saunas, steam baths and other warm baths.

Well-Being basics

Entspannung genießen in der KLAFS Sauna S1
Are children allowed to use the sauna?

Answers to FAQs on saunas, spas, well-being and health.

FAQ for well-being

»Regular sauna bathing is a very good exercise for the immune system. This helps not only during the cold season but also during the pollen season.«

Prof. Dr. med Karl-Ludwig Resch
Prof. Dr. med Karl-Ludwig Resch
Microsalt SaltProX
The beneficial extra 

The positive effects of dry salt have been proven in many scientific studies. This unique and patented Microsalt technology is now easily available and affordable for private households, thanks to SaltProX.

Microsalt SaltProx

Warmth is the best medicine

Many years, ago, people realised that targeting heat onto your back has a soothing, relaxing and analgesic effect.  InfraPLUS is an optional extra for your sauna.


More power through oxygen

SANO2 is an oxygen system that was specially developed for the sauna. For increased concentration and performance.


SANARIUM® and health
Good for your health

Using a SANARIUM® on a regular basis “exercises” your cardiovascular system and makes you much less susceptible to catching cold. Overall, the SANARIUM® was shown to have a positive impact on the immune system.