Steam bath

KLAFS ABC of well-being

Steam bathing is not only popular – it’s also good for your health. In a steam bath, you perspire gently, rather like in a sauna, but the climate is totally different. It’s not so hot, but it’s far more humid. Nonetheless, the impact on the body is similar. Many people regard the low temperature (43°-46°C) and the 100% humidity level as ideal for relaxing. And it’s ideal in other ways, too. The hot steam is particularly soothing for people suffering from respiratory disorders or rheumatism. The effect of the steam can be further enhanced by adding natural aromas and fragrances from medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits or spices. These can also help to create an exotic atmosphere. And those who value beautiful skin also swear by the humid warmth of steam baths. These boost your circulation and cleanse and revive your skin.