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What is a tepidarium?

In ancient times, the tepidarium was already a part of Roman bath culture; it was the room for luke-warm baths. Today it is used as a mild form of a sauna that does not put as much strain on the cardiovascular system as a sweat bath. While a conventional sauna features high temperatures and high humidity, a tepidarium offers low or medium humidity and mild heat, usually in the range of normal body temperature or slightly above it. Heated benches and loungers, walls and floors made of stone or ceramics radiate heat, with a direct and beneficial effect on the body. In a tepidarium, the radiating heat is perceived as pleasant and relaxing. You should allow at least 30 minutes for a visit to the tepidarium in order for its positive effect to fully unfold. Of course you can also stay linger, since the gentle room climate will not put a limit on the duration of your experience.

Benefits and applications of the tepidarium

This mild sauna variation focuses on relaxation, gentle warming and regeneration. It is particularly suitable for persons with circulatory problems or who find the extreme room climate of a humid-hot sauna too unpleasant. Switching off in a tepidarium for an hour soothes the body, mind and soul, fosters a general sense of well-being and helps handle every-day stress. In order for the effect to last in the long term, it is recommended to have two to three sessions per week. You can even read a book in the mild and dry room climate of the tepidarium. When you are weakened after a flu or a longer illness, your body can recover in the tepidarium. You can relax your musculature in moderate heat, restore your immune system in a gentle way, allow your body a necessary recovery process and prevent new illnesses. Even if you want to prepare for the higher temperature of a sweat bath, a session in this sauna variation is recommended.

Tepidarium facts at a glance

  • Room temperature: Approx. between 37° and 39°
  • Climate: Mild
  • Air humidity: 20 %
  • Benefits: Relaxes the muscles and strengthens the immune system
  • Recommended duration of stay: 2 to 3 times a week, at 30 min. per session

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