What’s the difference between an infrared cabin and a sauna?

KLAFS FAQ for well-being

In a sauna, you feel wonderfully warm because your body absorbs heat from the hot air. The walls and the sauna heater also radiate heat that your body then absorbs. But in an infrared heat cabin, your body primarily absorbs the heat generated by an IR radiator or similar component, such as IR foil which heats the walls. You absorb only a negligible amount of heat from the air itself. From a physiological point of view, infrared cabins have virtually the same effect as saunas. At least, this is the case where Klafs infrared system is used, since this ensures the radiation is not so intense as to have a negative effect, yet still intense enough to make you feel warm all over. Infrared cabins, however, are unable to have the same positive effect on your skin and respiratory system as would löyly steam or aroma baths in the SANARIUM®; nor do you alternate between hot and cold as you would in a sauna. Attempts to strengthen one’s immune system by cooling down in the fresh air or with a cold shower after a turn in an infrared heat cabin are generally not found to be pleasant.