Are saunas suitable for older people?

KLAFS FAQ for well-being

Those who have always used a sauna regularly can continue the habit right up into old age. However, if you suffer from heart problems, a vascular complaint, high blood pressure or vein troubles, you should first talk to a doctor who understands saunas, as your body could react differently – and unexpectedly – depending on what medication you’re taking. Older persons who have never before used a sauna can begin to do so, so long as they are not suffering from any complaints or illnesses which cannot be treated adequately with medication or by other means. If you have a heart complaint or high blood pressure which have been stabilised , there is no reason why you should not enjoy using a sauna. On the contrary – it can help to support your course of treatment. For those – regardless of age – taking their first steps into the world of saunas, we recommend the SANARIUM® or infrared heat cabin with milder temperatures.