Can I use the sauna if I have problems with my veins?

KLAFS FAQ for well-being

You’ll often find articles in newspapers and magazines which claim that saunas are not good for varicose veins. However, affected veins will not get worse as a result of the vascular dilation which occurs when using a sauna. On the contrary – it can significantly improve the flow of blood, which in turn decreases the risk of blood clotting (thrombosis). And using the sauna can “exercise” any veins which are not as yet affected. Nonetheless, it may be worth covering badly affected areas of skin and pronounced varicose veins with a cold, damp cloth. And sufferers should not allow their legs to dangle. During your last couple of minutes in the sauna, sit up slowly and rotate your feet. As soon as you leave the sauna, you should then hose down your feet with cold water, before you cool down in the fresh air. If you are suffering from phlebitis, you should refrain from using the sauna until the symptoms have settled. If you suffer from thrombosis, you should not use the sauna until the thrombus “has healed”.