An ice fountain that rises above itself: the new Stalagmite by KLAFS

The new Stalagmite ice fountain by KLAFS works on a completely different principle to conventional ice fountains. Here, the ice does not fall downwards into a bowl. Instead, as indeed the name suggests, it grows upwards.

This has two distinct advantages. Being free-standing, the Stalagmite ice fountain is easy, fast and inexpensive to install – in an unused corner of the room, for example. All it requires is plumbing and electricity.

Secondly, the Stalagmite is not only fascinating to watch, but is also completely unique on the market: as the ice grows slowly and evenly upwards like upturned icicles, the observer is magically compelled to watch and guess when they will finally topple over.

This makes the square-shaped Stalagmite, which is exactly one metre wide and high, a truly delightful attraction for guests in the spa areas of hotels, leisure centres or thermal baths. The scene is further enhanced by the LED background lighting in the bowl, shimmering appropriately in cool blue and with optional colour change function. Thanks to its timeless and elegant design, coupled with its white solid surface material – which is as stylish as it is robust – this ice fountain harmonises beautifully with all surroundings.

But the Stalagmite has more than just visual appeal. Like all products from KLAFS, the market leader for saunas, pools and spas, it’s also engineered to impressively high standards. The stable substructure, for example, is made of aluminium. To install, the pedestal is simply glued to the floor. The icicle bowl tilts slightly, and is simple and swift to clean thanks to a detachable glass insert. It also features a drainage outlet for melted water, made of powder-coated aluminium.

Two of the sides can be detached to facilitate maintenance and servicing. Last but not least, the ice fountain includes sophisticated, multistage hygiene and safety features to ensure hygienic and reliable operation at all times.

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