Like a beneficial day at the seaside – Microsalt from KLAFS

With its patented Microsalt technology, KLAFS has opened up the positive health benefits of salt for wider use, based on new scientific findings. The mention as winner of the European Health & Spa Award 2014 in the "Best Spa Product Innovation Technique" category dignifies this innovational achievement.

Especially people with respiratory complaints benefit from the Microsalt application. Salt is grounded into microscopic particles and introduced into a room. A soothing micro-climate with dry salt mist is formed. When inhaled, small salt particles - unlike conventional salt applications – are distributed over the entire respiratory system from the nose, the sinuses, the pharynx to the outermost regions of the lung, and act positively here.The result is deep cleansing of the airways as far as the finest air vesicles and cleansing and revitalisation of the skin. Regular inhalation also supports the immune system, with improvements in hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and chronic lung disease usually visible after no more than a few days of treatment. Even people, who frequently suffer from cold symptoms, struggle with frontal sinus and paranasal sinus infections, as well as people with skin diseases, insomnia or depression, feel relief with regular use.

The European Health & Spa Award is awarded by an independent judging panel based on an extensive questionnaire and undercover checks. This year, it announced winners in ten categories. The European Health & Spa Award has the aim of highlighting the possibilities and trends in the spa and wellness industry and showcasing trends in, as well as the quality of spa and wellness facilities and product innovations. It also aims to highlight the benefits and importance of innovations.

As the global market leader for saunas and spas, KLAFS succeeds, with increasing regularity, in
presenting new ideas for wellness and health and the European Health & Spa Award proves this
yet once again. We warmly invite anyone who would like to experience the therapeutic Microsalt climate hands on to arrange an appointment to visit the KLAFS' House of Sauna & Spa in Schwäbisch Hall.

About the company:

KLAFS has been creating places of relaxation for body and mind since 1928. The company has
grown from being a small family business to become the global market leader in the sauna, pool
and spa sector. Today over 600 employees are working to meet, and indeed surpass, customers'
increasing demands. From small private sauna dreams to the most luxurious hotel spa. The company operates worldwide, with expert advice from carefully trained skilled employees and onsite service from experienced service teams KLAFS' sauna and spa landscapes therefore pamper people around the world. For instance in the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich/Switzerland, the Kameha Grand in Bonn/Germany, the Eden Roc in Ascona/Switzerland, the Momentum Spa in Düsseldorf/Germany, the Krallerhof in Leogang/Austria, the Corinthia Hotel, London/Great Britain, the Marriott Hotel in Istanbul/Turkey or the Shangri-La in Shanghai/China, just to name a few.

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