Many convincing advantages: KLAFS steam bath D6 is a winner of the Wellness & Spa Innovation Award 2016

Good product design is not only characterized by timeless beauty but, above all, by clear functional benefits. The steam bath D6 von KLAFS is an ideal example for this. And this is the reason why it has won a great award.

The five renowned experts from the wellness, spa and beauty branch in the jury of the Wellness & Spa Innovation Award 2016 selected the D6 to be the winner of the category „Hotel & Spa Interior“.

And here is the statement of the jury: „Steam baths (…) are undoubtedly useful for health and well-being. With its new steam bath KLAFS succeeded not only in delivering a lot of variety in terms of interior design, but also in overcoming typical weak points in the construction of steam baths in an really innovative manner“.

This international award has been founded in 2012 by the German Wellness Association and is presented in line with the trade fair BEAUTY in Duesseldorf each year. In this year there have been applications from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland and the United States of America. The goal of the award is to honour innovative ideas in the wellness and spa sector that are already successful on the market.

Such as the steam bath D6 by KLAFS, which has been presented in a world premiere at the trade fair FIBO last year. The special feature: The D6, which is available in two different cabin heights, is designed as a modular system in all respects. Therefore it offers various options, both in size and layout as well as in terms of optical design.

The design of the seats is also unique: They are not an integral part of the cabin but self-supporting and removable. This structural separation of the cab and the benches not only provides a new and modern look but also a real functional advantage: Thereby, water accumulation on the benches may be prevented. The hot water vapour condensing at walls and ceiling creates water drops which run freely down the walls behind the benches – and this offers huge advantages in terms of seating comfort, hygiene und cleaning.

Also from the ceiling no water can drop on the benches: Sloping elements are placed over the seating areas which effectively avoid dripping. For the D6, KLAFS has newly developed this also very appealing roof shape, which perfectly fits in the consistent and purist overall design concept due to its cubic basic shapes.

KLAFS produces the walls and the ceiling of the D6 with high-class acrylic glass – a popular and reliable material for many applications. This material has not only many technical advantages but also inspires due to its silky shine and absolutely smooth surface. Acrylic glass is not only robust and durable but also particularly easy to clean because of its smooth surface.

Besides these technical advantages, KLAFS has consistently used another important advantage of acrylic glass: This material offers many opportunities in order to realize your own design ideas. Thus, KLAFS offers the D6 in different versions with a wide range of different styles.

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