The sauna of the future fits also perfect in the bedroom – and makes no stale air

The new neue Sauna S1 from KLAFS fits simply anywhere – even in the bedroom. And the S1 users don’t have to worry about harmful emissions, as the renowned development and test laboratory for timber technology EPH from Dresden has confirmed now.

Trust is good, but control is better. Therefore KLAFS had spared no effort for its revolutionary, room-saving sauna S1. So the all new and patend pended wall construction of the S1, the so called frame stability construction, had passed a costly scientific testing method.

With a pleasing result: The frame stability construction, as the wall constructions usually used by KLAFS, meets the demands for air quality which are outlined in the norm RAL-UZ 38 “Low-emission furnitures and slatted frames made of timber or derived timber products”. This has been tested and confirmed with a certificate by the experts of the renowned development and test laboratory for timber technology EPH from Dresden.

The key highlight of this sauna is its minimal space requirements. In its fully retracted position, the S1 is only 60 centimeters deep, just like the average closet. Yet the S1 is a really stylish, highquality, beautifully designed sauna down to the last detail and with room for the whole family. By pressing a button on the new, extremely compact and slim controls on the front panel, the S1 extends into a ready-to-use sauna in just 20 seconds and is nearly three times as deep. That's because it consists of three elements which can be completely fitted into each other. And all that virtually silently and synchronously, thanks to the patent-pending eMove technology.

A completely new concept, which is only possible because of the frame stability construction: an extremely robust wooden sandwich wall construction, which is 40 percent lighter than the one used in a conventional sauna. In addition, the amount of valuable wood used is reduced by about two thirds compared to the previous design.

This is why the sauna S1 fits simply anywhere. And the room can remain what he was before –
for example work or living room. Or, as shown in the pictures here, bedroom. If the sauna S1 is
fully retracted, it only needs, as said before, 60 centimeters depth. Therefore she is very unobtrusive. And as shown by the measurements of the EPH, the S1 also holds back when it comes to emissions.

But the experts at KLAFS have given a lot more thoughts about emissions. And they have found a bright solution for rooms which are difficult to air or sensitive noses – the innovative exhaust air module SCC (SAFE CLEAN CONDENSAT). The optional module works like this: the SCC removes the stale and humid air along with odors from inside the cabin, the air is then cleaned and dehumidified by the coconut carbon filter with activated carbon carbonate. At the same time, the SCC draws in fresh outside air which is heated by the hot exhaust air passing by, and purified of pollen, house dust, ozone and pollutants through a filter.

Due to that is only the relaxed facial expression of the S1 users which is remembering at the pleasant procedure – and not increased humidity or unwanted odors such as perfumes or perspiration.

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