The sauna of the future fits simply anywhere – the new sauna S1 from KLAFS

Forget everything you already know about saunas – except the relaxing experience. Now there's the new S1 from KLAFS. The world's first sauna to retract at the touch of a button – just like a zoom lens on a camera.

No rule is irrefutable – if you're willing to be bold and throw everything you've ever seen so far overboard. When it came to saunas there was always one drawback: anyone who's ever  dreamed of having their own private sauna, needs sufficient space for it. And that space can then no longer be used for other purposes once the sauna is installed.

In our times of increasingly scarce living space, this drawback quickly becomes an obstacle and causes many sauna enthusiasts to put their dreams of having a sauna on a back burner or even to just shelve the idea altogether. The designers at KLAFS, the market leader in saunas, pools and spas and a driving force of innovation in the industry, did not let this challenge go unresolved - and began a whole new, radically different sauna design.

The designers' vision: the really ingenious solution to this challenge was a sauna, which is very small when not being used – and really large if you want to relax in your own sauna. And this is also designed as a completely self-contained, mobile system. In this way, your guest bedroom,
workroom or living room stays just the way it was, wherever your sauna is located. And the sauna
can be moved just like a closet if you move out.

Now, after about three years of intensive development work and a whole range of pioneering
technological developments, the fascinating result of this completely new approach is ready for
the market and can be ordered from mid-July: the new S1 from KLAFS, the sauna of the future.
The key highlight of this sauna is its minimal space requirements. In its fully retracted position, the
S1 is only 60 centimeters deep, just like the average closet. Yet the S1 is a really stylish, highquality, beautifully designed sauna down to the last detail and with room for the whole family. By pressing a button on the new, extremely compact and slim controls on the front panel, the S1
extends into a ready-to-use sauna in just 20 seconds and is nearly three times as deep. That's
because it consists of three elements which can be completely fitted into each other. And all that
virtually silently and synchronously, thanks to the patent-pending eMove technology.

The reclining bench of the S1 can be easily pulled forward by ten centimeters after the cabin has
been extended and thus offers an additional plus in comfort. On request, the S1 is also available
with a folding bench for lying comfortably in pairs - the reclining space can be doubled very
quickly by simply unfolding.

So the new S1 is moving, in the true sense of the word, as well as different. And the basic idea
of a flexible construction has also kept the design team at KLAFS moving. After all, there has never been a design like this in the sauna sector. This is why it took a while before all of the components and materials were able to withstand the high requirements of KLAFS with regard to quality and durability. New ways often require a lot of patience.

However, all the meticulous development work was certainly worth it. Because now, for example,
after undergoing rigorous endurance testing, eMove technology stands out with its numerous
innovative details, such as durable guides with self-lubricating components, high-quality industrial
ball bearings, an automatic shut-off on contact with an obstacle, as well as flexible connection
technology between the individual elements. This flexibility also ensures that the S1 easily overcomes any small floor irregularities and can therefore put a wide variety of floor coverings to
the test with its unique skills.

But the designers at KLAFS also had to overcome some technical obstacles for the S1. The
completely new design of the cabin with three interlocking moving elements would have been
unthinkable with the wall construction usually used at KLAFS. So, in a project supported by the
Federal Ministry of Economics with the scientists at the Institute of Wood Technology (IHD) in
Dresden, KLAFS developed the frame stability construction for the S1 - an extremely robust
wooden sandwich wall construction, which is 40 percent lighter than the one used in a
conventional sauna. In addition, the amount of valuable wood used is reduced by about two
thirds compared to the previous design. Nevertheless, this design does everything effortlessly, as
extensive testing has demonstrated, even high temperatures and humidity. The sauna air is just as
pleasant as in the previous designs too.

When it comes to design variety, the sauna of the future blends in with the KLAFS tradition. Because the S1 is available in three sizes (small, medium and large), with five different exterior
trims (white, white satin, Swiss pine, walnut and oak) and four different front panels (fully glazed
with clear safety glass, fully glazed with bronze safety glass or fully glazed with mirrored safety glass, closed with a side window). For the interior trims we offer naturally grown, knot-free eastern
hemlock or waxed walnut wood as well as the wood of the lively patterned Swiss pine on request. The side panels, front and ceiling are all equipped with the same surfaces and are available on request with side windows. This gives the sauna S1 an all-round harmonious appearance - no matter what combination customers choose.

Incidentally, the eMove technology and frame construction stability are not the only new
components specifically developed for the S1. Even the heater, the heart of every sauna, had to
be completely redesigned for this flexible construction. The new, extremely compact yet powerful
VARIUS heater stands out with its modern look, high-quality materials and its safety concept: it
features an elegant flock finish on the outer shell, which makes the usual safety guard unnecessary. Thanks to the Drive Home System which was specially developed for the S1, the
heater automatically moves out of its “garage” under the bench when the sauna is opening. All
the connection technology of the heater is out of sight, housed in the multi-function channel.

Although the VARIUS heater is considerably more compact than the previous KLAFS heaters, the
amount of high-quality olivine stones nevertheless ensures intensive infusions for hours of sauna
pleasure. And of course, as is customary for KLAFS, there is also the option of the SANARIUM®.
This provides even more variety and transforms one sauna into five: the classic sauna, a hot-air
bath, a tropical bath, an aroma bath and a soft steam bath.

In the S1, a new generation of control systems is used, which not only has an extremely compact
and slim design but also features - for the first time in a sauna this size - very high-quality triac
power supply components for silent operation and extreme durability. The innovative control
concept of the S1 is available in two models: ML 028 with a color display and five soft keys or
ML 033 with color touch screen, intuitive menu navigation and optional Wi-Fi interface for
controlling the sauna remotely with the KLAFS sauna app.

Another technical highlight of the S1 is closely linked to the heater but stays visually very discreetly
in the background: the optional exhaust air module SCC (SAFE CLEAN CONDENSAT). Using its
intelligent air circulation principle, it ensures that the S1 effectively utilizes the hot temperatures of
the exhaust air, thereby saving up to 30 percent energy. In addition, the SCC cleans the supply
and exhaust air and dehumidifies the air.

It works like this: the SCC removes the stale and humid air along with odors from inside the
cabin, the air is then cleaned and dehumidified by the coconut carbon filter with activated carbon
carbonate. At the same time, the SCC draws in fresh outside air which is heated by the hot
exhaust air passing by, and purified of pollen, house dust, ozone and pollutants through a filter.
In addition to cleaning the intake and exhaust air and energy savings of up to 30 percent, this
innovative design offers yet another major benefit: by collecting the condensate, no unwanted
moisture gets into the surrounding area. The SCC is therefore a very useful option for S1 -
especially when the customer chooses a SANARIUM® heater and is likely to encounter problems from the increased humidity at the planned location of the sauna.

The designers at KLAFS have really thought of everything so that customers can freely enjoy their
S1 for many years. Or in other words: the sauna of the future is very different. But it's still a real
KLAFS sauna.

This is why the S1 also features a sophisticated, multi-level safety concept - the eMove Safety
Control (MSC). As already mentioned - a safety sensor stops the extension or retraction of the
cabin automatically when something gets in its way. In addition, the S1 only extends and retracts
when the buttons are pressed continuously - and the cabin can be retracted once the heater has
cooled down. The heater can also only be started when the cabin is fully extended.

And the MSC has another important feature that is especially interesting for parents: you can
secure the controls with a password to protect the S1 against unauthorized access to children.
When it comes to the sauna experience, KLAFS has also developed interesting options for the S1
which enhance the pleasure of the sauna experience even more. Inside you can bathe in your
favorite colored light with the optional BELLASENSA flush-mounted into the ceiling. Six fascinating
natural spectacles are programmed here. The colors can also be set individually.

Even your individual music tastes can be on request in the sauna - thanks to the RelaxAudio
system. Listen to your favorite music here from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, the entire
rear wall of the sauna is transformed into a loudspeaker membrane and ensures a true sound

The main highlights of the KLAFS S1 at a glance

- The world's first sauna to retract at the touch of a button - just like a zoom lens on a
camera (only 60 centimeters deep in the completely retracted state!).
- Completely enclosed, mobile system.
- Three sizes are available: small (width: 172 x depth: 160 x height: 211 cm), medium
(width: 202 x depth: 160 x height: 211 cm) and large (width: 232 x depth: 160 x
height: 211 cm). Small version with connection for standard sockets.
- Almost silent and synchronous eMove technology extends the S1 at the touch of a button
into a ready-to-use sauna nearly three times as deep in just 20 seconds.
- Extremely robust wood sandwich wall construction with the frame stability construction: 40
percent lighter than conventional wall constructions, two thirds less valuable wood is used.
- New, extremely compact yet powerful VARIUS heater with elegant flock finish (safety
guard is unnecessary).
- Thanks to the Drive Home System which was specially developed for the S1, the heater
automatically moves out of its “garage” under the bench when the sauna is opening.
- Intelligent safety concept eMove Safety Control (MSC): safety sensor stops the cabin
when something gets in the way. Cabin only retracts and extends when the buttons are
pressed continuously. Cabin can be only be retracted after the heater has cooled down
(temperature sensor on the heater). Heater can only be started once the cabin is fully
extended. Controls can be secured via password.
- New sauna control ML 028: extremely compact and slim design, color display and five
soft keys, 24-hour preselection for automatically heating up the sauna to the previously set
time, high-quality triac power supply for silent operation and extreme durability, password

The main options for the KLAFS S1

- SANARIUM® for five types of bathing in a sauna (classic sauna, hot-air bath, tropical
bath, aroma bath and soft steam bath).
- Exhaust-air module SCC: up to 30 percent less energy consumption, supply and air
purification, dehumidification.
- New sauna control ML 033: extremely compact and slim design, color touch screen,
intuitive menu navigation, optional Wi-Fi interface for controlling the KLAFS S1 remotely on
the KLAFS sauna app, high-quality triac power supply for silent operation and extreme
durability, password protection.
- Colored light BELLASENSA with preset color lighting scenarios and the option of
individual light programs (flush with the ceiling).
- RelaxAudio system: the rear wall of the sauna acts as a loudspeaker membrane, music
can be simply transferred via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet.
- Folding bench to double the reclining surface.

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