The sauna of the future is continuing her winning series: The S1 is also victorious at the “Golden Wave”

The S1 from KLAFS is and remains the outstanding sauna innovation of our time. The renowned pool and wellness experts who are chosen for the jury of the innovation award “Golden Wave” ranked her first in the category “sauna/steam bath/infrared”. This is already the eighth major award for the revolutionary, room-saving sauna S1. For example, the zoom sauna from KLAFS has been awarded at the German Design Award, the iF DESIGN AWARD and the Red Dot Design Award, to name but a few.

The award “Golden Wave” is given for outstanding products, technologies and procedures in a total of eight categories. It is donated by the magazine SCHWIMMBAD+SAUNA, Germany’s leading pool and wellness magazine, which is on the market since 1968. The jury gives clear priority to the practical significance of the innovations when it comes to the decisions.

This is sharply illustrated by the explanatory of the jury for the victory of the S1: “Is it possible to re-invent the sauna? Not the sauna itself, but its integration and adjustment to the modern lifestyle. KLAFS has demonstrated this impressively with the S1.”

The sauna S1 is the world’s first sauna to retract at the touch of a button – just like the zoom lens of a camera. In its fully retracted position, the S1 is only 60 centimeters deep, just like the average closet. Yet the S1 is a really stylish, high-quality, beautifully designed sauna down to the last detail and with room for the whole family.

And the new sauna S1 is also be designed as a completely self-contained, mobile system. That way the sauna could be moved like a closet, if necessary.

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