The new dimension of dry salt inhalation repeated creating a furor

With the light, handy and battery-operated device SaltProX KLAFS has managed to make the unique and patented Microsalt dry salt inhalation technology easily available and affordable. This is why this world debut has been awarded in four categories at the Plus X Award, accurately to the product launch in last autumn. Now the jury of this renowned award, which is called by experts the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle, has awarded this latest innovation by the market leader for sauna, pool and spa once again – as „Best Product 2017“.

A visit to the seaside simply feels good. Not just for the soul, but especially the airways. That is why the Microsalt application is particularly useful for people with respiratory disorders. With its invisible grinding technology, the Microsalt SaltProX generates a particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality, which then spreads throughout the entire cabin. Because of the friction between the individual salt crystals, these are crushed to a very fine powder and also negatively charged (triboelectric effect). The resulting ionisation of individual salt particles boosts the distribution in the room and thus also the cleaning of the air, which are constantly in touch with the airways and the skin.

When inhaling, these fine salt particles – unlike with conventional salt applications – spread across the entire respiratory system, from the nose, the sinuses, the throat to the extreme lung areas, and can have an expectorant effect here. The application of Microsalt results in an in-depth cleaning of the airways right down to the finest alveoli as well as the cleansing and revitalisation of the skin. Regularly inhalations can also support the immune system.

Microsalt is especially recommended for hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis or chronic lung diseases. Microsalt is also suitable for people frequently suffering from colds or struggling with sinusitis, as well as for people with skin diseases, sleep disorders or depressions.

An idea that is as simple as it is ingenious. That’s why the experts in the jury of the renowned Plus X Award has awarded the world debut by KLAFS in four categories for its clear additional benefits: Innovation, High Quality, Ease of Use and Functionality.

As in every year, there’s a second round in this award, which is called by experts the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle, for especially pioneering developments. And here the device SaltProX has storm the bastion too: It is „Best Product 2017“ in its product category.

KLAFS has managed this feat for the second time in two years: At the Plus X Award 2015 the zoom sauna S1, which is awarded in eight major awards in the meantime, has been initially awarded in five categories – and was chosen afterwards as „Best Product 2015“.

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