A firework of extravagant ideas

Prime time – this is the slogan of the new AIDAprima which has recently begun setting sail every Saturday from the Port of Hamburg. It’s the first of a new generation of AIDA cruise ships, offering guests more comfort and diversity than ever before as they travel the oceans. For the ultimate in luxury relaxation, the ship features an opulent 3100m² spa area, in the design of which KLAFS played a key role.

The AIDAprima, which is exactly 300m long, visits the cities of London/Southampton, Paris/Le Havre, Brussels/Zeebrügge and Rotterdam on its seven-day voyage across Western Europe.
Even guests who have travelled with AIDA cruise ships before will rub their eyes in amazement when they step on board the AIDAprima. Because in order to offer guests a completely unforgettable trip on their new cruise ship, AIDA Cruises have gone overboard to include a veritable firework of extravagant ideas.

The new activity decks, for example, offer action, sport and spa in abundance – for all the family. Guests can choose between a lightning descent down the Racer, a double water flume spanning four decks, or bob gently along the Lazy River; they can scale the rock climbing wall to reach dizzying heights, try their hand at any one of a number of modern ground-level sports activities on the sports deck, or join the crowd to cheer on their favourite athletes on one of the huge LED screens. To enable guests to enjoy the sports deck all year round, come rain or shine, the AIDAprima features a retractable foil roof which makes the area fully weatherproof.

Lots of new ideas, in other words. Nonetheless, there is a recurring theme in the AIDA success story: as with all seven predecessor cruise ships, the investors entrusted the design of the spa area to the experienced and competent hands of KLAFS, market leader in the field of saunas, pools and spas. KLAFS were also commissioned with fitting out the spa area of the sister cruise ship AIDAperla, which is structurally virtually identical.

The name of AIDAprima’s spa area says it all: spread over two decks, the Body & Soul Organic Spa delights guests with its organic design and an opulent range of features to cater to all tastes and fancies. Glowing in fresh spring colours, the spa area harmonises beautifully with the dynamic, modern style of the AIDAprima.

Guests can choose not only between a Finnish sauna with a panorama glass door, a Kelo sauna, a sanarium, a steam bath, an aroma bath and three luxury shower areas with water cooling feature, but also a mud bath with adjoining thermal bench, two solariums and more than 20 treatment rooms.

In the spacious relaxation zones, guests can lie back and enjoy the fantastic views through the large panorama windows. And talking of enjoyment – the spa area on the AIDAprima even includes five ergonomically shaped loungers and heated Linea loungers. For the ultimate in well-being, one of which of the treatment rooms is fitted with a heated Sanotherm couch for full-body wraps or beauty treatments, as well as a Sanospa bath for bathing, massages or body packs.

KLAFS designed and constructed all the cubicles at its headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall. Representatives from AIDA Cruises and from the Japanese wharf visited the premises to inspect and approve the assembled cubicles. These were then disassembled and packed into a total of 100 transport boxes for the long journey from Schwaebisch Hall to Nagasaki, Japan. The project manager from the KLAFS factory and the chief fitter in the wharf liaised closely to organise an elaborate logistics plan by means of which all components arrived on time. Over the course of several months, these components were then assembled on location by 12 KLAFS employees, who completed the work not only to schedule, but also to the visual and technical quality standards customary for KLAFS.

The scope of the work included not only constructing the shells of the cubicles, but also the finished surfaces and the entire interior fittings, so that the cubicles were completely ready for operation on handover. KLAFS was also responsible for planning and networking the electrical engineering in this project.

Thanks to the expertise and experience of the KLAFS team, the AIDAprima’s extravaganza now also extends to the entire spa and beauty area.

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