A pioneering brand: KLAFS prevailed also at the German Brand Award

Just a few months ago the brand KLAFS has proved by means of being part of the compendium „Brands of the Century“ that it is a leading brand, which is high profiled and highly respected in large parts of the general public. Now the market leader for sauna, pool and spa has also prevailed at the German Brand Award – the new seal of approval for pioneering brands.

The German Design Council, preceded more than 60 years ago by a resolution of the German Bundestag and well-known as the organizer of the renowned German Design Award, has created this award in order to award pioneering brands and brand-builders. This underlines the importance of strategic brand management as a decisive factor for the success of companies. KLAFS secured the coveted seal of approval in the category „Industry Excellence in Branding – Heating & Bathroom“.

The special feature of this new award: It is only opened for companies that are nominated because of their outstanding achievements in terms of brand strategy and strategic brand management. Responsible for this nomination is an expert jury consisting of renowned experts from industry, sciences, agencies and media.

„This prestigious award by renowned brand experts confirms like our great market success that our brand strategy, which is based on clear founding principles, is precisely the line towards sustainable success. Therefore we will be focusing on our central brand values quality, design and innovation also in the future“, confirms Stefan Schöllhammer, the CEO of KLAFS.

Because these central brand values are exactly the reason why KLAFS has become the market leader and innovation driver of the whole sauna, pool and spa industry. Since 1928, the once small family business has been creating places of relaxation for the body and spirit. In order to set new trends in sauna and spa again and again the company invests a lot in research and development for new products and applications.

The latest outcome of this research work is a true revolution on the sauna market: The sauna S1 (www.klafs-s1.com), the world’s first sauna to retract at the touch of a button – just like the zoom lens on a camera. If it is completely retracted the sauna S1 is a mere 60 centimeters deep – not more than the average closet.

Truly a revolution for the sauna market, which also excites the experts: After its big success at the renowned “Plus X Award”, where the jury has awarded the world premiere from KLAFS in five categories for its clear additional benefits and in addition bestow the title "Best product 2015/2016" in its product category to the sauna of the future, the S1 has won the prize „Special Mention“ at the German Design Award 2016. Furthermore the sauna S1 is winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 in the discipline “product”, category “bathroom” and has also been awarded in the category “product design” at the Red Dot Design Award 2016. Since a few weeks the S1 is also allowed to bear the prestigious mark “The Blue Angel” for protecting the environment.

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