Great distinction: KLAFS is one of the "Brands of the Century"

There are a lot of successful companies – but only a few of them are making their way up to a leading brand, which is high profiled and highly respected in large parts of the general public. A top-class committee has now identified around 300 of these leading brands for the project „Brands of the century”. One of these leading brands with international reputation is KLAFS, the market leader for sauna, pool and spa.

The current issue of „Brands of the Century“, which has a volume of around 600 pages, reads like the Who-is-who of the German economy – and KLAFS is part of this illustrious circle. The celebratory launch of this brand compendium has taken place in Berlin end of November.

A great distinction for the company: The 300 or so „Brands of the Century“ were nominated in an extensive selection process by a competent advisory board in cooperation with the editorial staff of the publishing house German Standards EDITIONEN. Thus the book provides a synopsis of  the performance power of the German economy.

The work indicates the function of strong brands as benchmarks and highlights the exciting stories behind the brands. „These are stories that instil life and identity into brands and thereby leave a lasting impression in the memory of consumers. They are just as much a part of the positioning of a brand as the continuous work on product quality, innovations and advertising”, says publisher and editor Florian Langenscheidt.

For more than 80 years, KLAFS has succeeded in creating relaxing feel-good experiences time and again around the world with new sauna and spa facilities – and in surprising the market with creative innovations. With the great distinction that KLAFS is one of the “Brands of the Century”, the market leader for sauna, pool and spa, thus reinforcing once again its reputation to be the innovator in the industry which sets new trends in sauna and spa again and again.

And this notably applies for the recent innovation of KLAFS – the revolutionary, room-saving sauna S1. It is the world’s first sauna to retract at the touch of a button – just like a zoom lens on a camera. In its fully retracted position the S1 is a mere 60 centimeters deep, just like the average closet. A bright idea, which has also excited the experts. The jury of the renowned „Plus X Award“ has bestow the title „Best product 2015/2016“ in its category to the sauna S1. And the jury of the „German Design Award“ has awarded the sauna of the future with the prize „Special Mention 2016“.

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