Inspired by Asia, but with a unique twist – the new Asian Spa concept from KLAFS

Does contemporary yet timeless design always have to be minimalist in order to set pulses racing? Not necessarily – as demonstrated by the impressive new Asian Spa concept from KLAFS. The global leader in the sauna, wellness and spa sector will be unveiling this world first to the general public at interbad in Stuttgart. Whilst the company’s designers and developers have taken their inspiration from classic Asian styles, they have also created bold new designs that unmistakably bear the unique KLAFS signature.

Take the external panelling, for example: specially developed for this new concept, it makes targeted use of a stylistic element commonly found in classic Asian design – a tight horizontal structure combined with a somewhat freer vertical structure. But as you might expect from KLAFS, the idea was interpreted and implemented in a unique, modern way, with large, relief-like  structured panels in chocolate brown.

The impression continues as soon as the guest sets foot in one of the new Asian Spa themed cabins. Take the new SATORI sauna, for example: having passed through a glass door, your gaze takes in the soft contours of the light, hemlock wood benches, which are visually linked by panels in dark wenge wood. You then proceed to notice the latticed and elegantly lit rear wall, which is itself a reference to classic motifs of Asian architecture. To go with it, the KLAFS design team have created side walls and ceilings in light hemlock panelling.

As soon as sauna guests sit down on one of the benches, they will be completely immersed in an Asian-inspired world. The KLAFS designers have created the front wall in high-volume bamboo cane that extends from floor to ceiling. In the left-hand portion of the cabin, two unique pendant lamps made from bamboo wickerwork bathe the scene in warm light. These are complemented by hanging bamboo cane that is fixed to the ceiling in the right-hand portion of the cabin. Whenever the infusion system of the MAXIMUS C sauna heater uses the scoop to distribute water across the hot stones, the accent lighting, which has been discreetly integrated into the bamboo cane, delightfully draws attention to the rising water vapour.

The relief-like exterior panelling mentioned earlier, with its tight horizontal and free vertical structure, can also be found on the outer walls of the new SALINA LOUNGE salt cabin. When you go inside, however, you will see that the KLAFS designers have come at the Asian theme from a whole new angle. Whilst bamboo is present as a floor covering and as a cover for the two ergonomically shaped LINEA heated loungers, the dominant style elements here are the salt walls and the rear wall, which is made from an impressively woven printed fabric that visualises the fascinating landscape of the world’s largest salt desert. With SALINA LOUNGE, the KLAFS designers were guided by the following key principle: guests should feel as though they are spending an exciting yet soothing day by the sea. For this reason, the side walls, which are made of salt crystals, and the fabric rear wall are illuminated from behind by an elaborate lighting system that simulates an entire day within just a few minutes. The gentle reflections on the white ceiling harmoniously complete the experience and a relaxing visit to the SALINA LOUNGE is no less soothing and invigorating than a day by the sea. That’s because the KLAFS designers have incorporated patented MICROSALT technology into the salt wall. This technology was even recognised with the 2014 European HEALTH & SPA Award. It releases a mist of extremely fine dry salt into the cabin. When breathed in, this salt makes its way through the airways and into the deepest branches and bronchi of the lungs, where it immediately begins to have a healing effect.

Alongside these two innovations, KLAFS – the global market leader in the sauna, wellness and spa sector – will be showing further products enhanced in line with the Asian Spa concept. The KLAFS award-winning D12 glass steam bath, for example, now comes in a new edition, with an image of a bamboo forest printed on the glass walls to reflect the Asian theme. And because no healthy and invigorating sauna session would be complete without a contrast between hot and cold (and therefore a warm-up and cool-down phase), the new Asian Spa concept is completed by the plunge pool and footbath of the SPA BASICS LITE range by KLAFS – both of which now appropriately feature bamboo panelling.

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