Stay healthy naturally throughout the winter

When we think of saunas, we tend to think of relaxation first and foremost, but regular sauna sessions can do so much more for us. These days, when we can easily compensate cold with heating and heat with air-conditioning, our bodies are no longer used to strong stimuli.

A session in the sauna followed by cooling off serves as a kind of regulatory training for the body: by setting strong heat and cold stimuli in a repeated, systematic way, all blood vessels in the skin and the mucous membranes are trained to quickly contract and re-open. “This is what teaches the body to quickly and effectively adjust to changing temperatures – and thus no longer cool as quickly.” That is the explanation of Prof. Dr. med. Karl-Ludwig Resch, head of the Deutsches Institut für Gesundheitsforschung [German Institute for Health Research] in Bad Elster.

What's even more important is that regular sauna sessions ensure that the mucous membranes are subjected to significantly better blood flow. "That is why the organism of people who regularly visit saunas are much more capable of fending off pathogens," Prof. Dr. Resch adds. Once the body is used to the regulation of stimuli, it is also less vulnerable to catching colds. It reacts more flexibly to stress and can recover more quickly to sports and physical exercise.

“In order to achieve the fortifying effect on the immune system, which has been extensively documented by scientists, regular repetition is essential – and that's particularly easy if you have a sauna at home,” says Prof. Dr. Resch, based on his many years of medical experience. With the new S1 zoom sauna, it is particularly easy to bring the positive effects of regular sauna sessions into one's own home: KLAFS, the leading manufacturer in the sauna, pool and spa sector, offers attractive design options for any spatial situation.

People with respiratory disorders in particular can benefit from the optimal addition of applying Microsalt with high-grade dry salt. This thoroughly cleans the airways down to the finest alveoli. Regular applications can also support the immune system.

With the new battery-powered Microsalt SaltProX in a handy format, now every sauna or “sanarium” can easily be converted into a salt inhalation room – a perfect combination for wellness.

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