Under the dome: KLAFS launches new sauna- and steam bath concept in order to create heavenly wellness experiences

Since ancient times, the dome is the symbol of transcendence and thus stands for the borders of experience and awareness. With its new sauna and steam bath concept KLAFS wants to create an altered perception among guests of hotels or public baths – and thus ensure truly heavenly wellness experiences.

The sauna heater is always the heart of the sauna. So why not let him occupy the centre stage and set this scene effectively through an impressive dome roof about it?

That is in short terms the fascinating idea behind the latest sauna creation from KLAFS, the market leader for sauna, pool and spa and actually on everyone’s lips around the world because of the revolutionary and already repeatedly awarded zoom-sauna S1.

The dome roof is an extraordinary detail not only because of its form and its highly symbolic character. It is made of copper – a material, which is absolutely in trend in the interior design because of its warm, natural brilliance. And the market leader has also developed a sophisticated lighting concept for it, just to put a special spotlight on this unique radiance.

And the interieur of the DOME sauna is also as outstanding and eye-catching as the impressive dome roof. KLAFS builds on high-class, large scale panels and curved benches with rounded edges and backlit backrests. A modern and harmonious design with flowing forms, which is also formative for the heater cover made of many organically shaped lamellaes.

The heater concentrates the attention and let the guests move together around him. This creates an archaic yet modern bonfire atmosphere for the guests, which is ideal for infusion rituals. Furthermore, the dome roof reflects the radiation of the heater into the center of the cabin.
For the world premiere of the DOME sauna at the Interbad in Stuttgart, KLAFS has created a quadratic shape with a width and depth of 4.3 meters and enough space for 16 persons. But there are other sizes and shapes available, as always with KLAFS.

What the heater is for the sauna, the evaporator is for the steam bath. That’s why KLAFS has also placed the evaporator of the DOME steam bath right in the center of the cabin. The basic structure of the DOME steam bath is the award-winning D12 – the innovative concept with a modular structure in aluminium and glass. And the right foundation for a literally heavenly steam bath, in which tradition meets modern design.

And here again, the name says it all, a dome roof focus the eyes of the guests towards the center of the cabin. The place, where impressive steam and lighting effects create an unforgettable bathing experience for the guests. The reason: The steam nozzle is designed like a crystal ball with many small openings and an indirect light, so it will bathe the steam and the cabin into coloured light.

This creates a unique atmosphere, which is strengthen even further by KLAFS through the starry sky and the high-gloss, deep blue wall and ceiling panels. Speaking of Uniqueness: KLAFS has elegantly integrated a hamam basin between the evaporator and the cabin wall. So this latest D12 model is not only a classical steam bath, but can also be used for hamam applications.

Once again a clever idea of KLAFS, which perfectly meets the desire of investors for multifunctional cabins with a genuine added value.

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