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Sauna in the Summer

Voluntarily sweating in the summer? It sounds unusual, but it’s very beneficial. Because sweating regularly strengthens…

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Repeatedly awarded: KLAFS is one of the brands of the century

A great honour: KLAFS makes it into the renowned illustrated book of the ZEIT publishing house "German Standards -…

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Combating the winter blues with saunas and salt

The immune system can be bolstered with regular saunas and salt inhalation, and you can even improve your mood.

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Winter wellness

Get through the darker time of year healthy thanks to regular sauna sessions

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Invisible luminosity

Infrared can strengthen the body and has a positive effect on back and joint problems

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KLAFS announces acquisition of luxury pool supplier Guncast

KLAFS, the world-leaders in the design and installation of sauna and spa facilities, has announced its acquisition of…

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The spa of the future

It is difficult to predict the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the spa and wellness sector.…

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The sauna of the future: five trends of the 21st century

Smart home, smartwatch, smartphone, smart sauna?

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Three natural sources of strength that bolster the immune system

Why it’s worth taking the time to protect yourself against seasonal colds even on warm summer days

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Expert interview: sauna and salt inhalation to protect against the coronavirus

Prof. Dr. med. Resch in an interview on sauna and dry salt inhalation in connection with the coronavirus

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Market leader. 801 employees. €135 million in sales in 2021. 27 KLAFS showroom centers. Over 240,000 KLAFS saunas have been realized and installed worldwide to bring you complete relaxation. 2,811 individual parts are required for the production of the PURE Sauna.

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