Beste Holzqualität für den Bau einer Sauna

RAL – three very reassuring letters

Better safe than sorry. When you buy a sauna, make sure it’s RAL-certified!

The Quality Assurance Board for Sauna, Infrared Cabin & Steam Bath Construction is a registered society in which KLAFS and other leading manufacturers collaborate to develop quality guidelines for the construction, manufacture, structure and functions of bespoke saunas. These guidelines are constantly updated to reflect current demands – which means that when you buy an RAL-certified sauna, you can rest assured that you’re buying a quality product.


You can download the RAL Quality Checklist as a PDF here: RAL Quality Checklist.

To ensure the entire procedure is completely above board, a neutral, state-appointed body monitors compliance with the quality guidelines. This institute visits the various sauna manufacturers without prior notice and conducts quality inspections, after which its issues an official test certificate. Only sauna manufacturers such as KLAFS, whose products comply with the quality guidelines, are entitled to classify their products as certified in accordance with RAL-RG 423.


Don’t be satisfied with anything less – but feel very free to ask for more! KLAFS quality considerably exceeds the minimum requirements for RAL certification.


And we’ll be happy to put that in writing for you – with our 10-year guarantee on all saunas.