ACT ergometer

Ergometer ACT verfügt über einen Trainingscomputer mit Touch Screen Monitor.

ACT ergometer

Exercise has never been more moving.


High-quality bicycle parts combined with bespoke materials:

KLAFS ACT-209 and ACT-210 ergometers combine sophisticated home exercise with bespoke, minimalistic design, and blend harmoniously with all stylish environments. Nor is the picture spoiled by unsightly power cables – because as you exercise, you automatically power the control panel and transfer data via a built-in generator.


ACT-209 ergometer with bike computer

Ergometer ACT: Hochwertige Fahrradkomponenten kombiniert mit edlen Materialien
ACT ergometer: high-quality bicycle parts combined with bespoke materials

The ACT-209 ergometer features a bike computer with touchscreen monitor and backlit display. To ensure your ergometer serves you for many years to come, it contains only top quality SKF bearings. It’s also the first ever exercise bike to feature original bike parts. This means you can replace any individual component – handlebars, stem, grips, saddle and seatpost, pedals – with the model of your choice.

ACT-210 ergometer with tablet computer

Ergometer ACT: Seitenansicht

You can even use your smartphone or tablet to control the settings for the ergometer ACT-210 by downloading the requisite KLAFS app  . If you prefer, you can even read an ebook, surf on the internet or watch a video as you exercise. The ergometer automatically and continuously transfers all the data from your training session via wifi to your tablet so that you can analyse your progress whenever you like. Naturally, you don’t have to connect the ergometer ACT-210 to a tablet or smartphone; you can also adjust the settings via the control panel.

Common features

Ergometer ACT: Aufsicht

Both ACT ergometers feature a studio quality induction brake system and top quality SKF bearings to ensure the bikes run smoothly and well for many years to come. A resistance mechanism enables you to select any one of 32 different difficulty levels. There are also five fixed-time hill settings and five cardio settings, for which you’ll need the Polar W.I.N.D. chest strap. If your heart rate is too fast or too slow, the ACT ergometer automatically adjusts the level of resistance accordingly.




  • ACT ergometers feature a studio quality induction brake system and top quality SKF bearings.
  • Choose from 32 levels of resistance, five fixed-time hill settings and five cardio settings.
  • If your pulse is too fast or too slow, the ACT ergometer adjusts accordingly.
  • All bike components can be replaced if desired.
  • The saddle, handlebars and base column can be adjusted individually.
  • 2-yr full guarantee with on-site service.