FAQ for well-being

In KLAFS ABC of well-being, you’ll find the answers to the most important and commonly asked questions on saunas, spas, well-being and health. For example, can I use the sauna when I’m pregnant? How old should children be before they use the sauna? Is it true that steam baths are good for my skin? Do I have to take a cold shower after using the sauna? Does infrared light help if I have rheumatism? For the answers to these and many other health-related questions, take a look at our KLAFS FAQ for well-being. Escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and treat yourself and your loved ones to health, relaxation and well-being. To help you, we’ve compiled an ABC of well-being to explain the most important words and concepts from the world of saunas, spas and well-being. You’d like to know more about using the sauna in summer, reducing stress in the sauna, or sauna and weight loss? Find the answers in KLAFS ABC of well-being! Your health matters to us!


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