KLAFS MOLLIS Sauna cushions & mats for extra comfort


Sauna cushions & mats for extra comfort



MOLLIS, borrowed from the Latin adjective for "soft" and "comfortable", is a series of mats, neck rolls and cushions in various sizes specially designed for the sauna. KLAFS specialists have invested more than two years in the development of a new range of textiles. The cushions, which are available in various muted and fresh colours depending on the sauna model and overall interior, are not only the perfect visual enhancement for KLAFS saunas, but also incomparable in terms of their comfort and handling.


MOLLIS cushions and mats consist of two components:

KLAFS MOLLIS structure in detail

A 3D spacer fabric produced with the latest precision weaving technology forms the core and inlay of the MOLLIS.

This structure of the finest pile yarns is characterised by high air permeability and thermal insulation, low weight, long service life and permanent elasticity. In addition, KLAFS MOLLIS are washable, easy to disinfect, allergy-friendly and completely recyclable.

TENCEL® – the fibre of the future

Tencel Lyocell fibre

TENCEL® is an innovative and sustainably produced Lyocell fibre of botanical origin and is extracted from wood. In contrast to viscose, fewer additives are used in the manufacturing process, making TENCEL® particularly environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

TENCEL® textiles are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. A textile all-rounder.




  • Revolutionary new room atmosphere and design possibilities
  • Cover made from Lyocell fibre and therefore especially durable
  • Extremely low heat capacity and thus virtually no heat transfer to the skin
  • The inlays remain pleasantly dry and do not retain moisture
  • Easy handling during use and cleaning
  • Long service life combined with excellent hygiene
  • Available in brown, ivory, blue and light green, as well as in various sizes