The BIORHYTHM PRIVATE EDITION sauna and the spa and conference landscape of the Roomers 5-star hotel in Frankfurt am Main are the brainchild of designer and interior architect Nik Schweiger.

His concept of "Biorhythm – Modern Recreation" is reflected in every element of the sauna. He combines material, form and light into a holistic concept and uses organic forms and softly flowing transitions to ensure the sauna embraces the human body like no other.

Interior design

Interior design of the BIORHYTHM PRIVATE EDITION

KLAFS BIORHYTHM Sauna slatted interior panelling with two body-shaped loungers
KLAFS BIORHYTHM Sauna slatted interior panelling with two body-shaped loungers

Inside the BIORHYTHM PRIVATE EDITION you will find two body-shaped loungers that look and feel luxurious thanks to their to their slatted design.

The entire interior of the sauna is milled from a single wood block and the interior architecture combines materials, shapes and light into a holistic concept. Perfectly adapted to the human body. And your need for complete relaxation.

BIORHYTHM Sauna heater

KLAFS BIORHYTHM Sauna infusion flap
KLAFS BIORHYTHM Sauna infusion flap

The heater of the KLAFS BIORYTHM Sauna is located behind the interior panelling and can be conveniently filled through the integrated infusion flap between the sauna benches.


Saunasteuerung TOUCHCONTROL schwarz

With the KLAFS TOUCHCONTROL Professional, all settings in your wellness facility can be easily and clearly controlled and scheduled.

The attractive design of this sauna control unit, consisting of a solid aluminium housing and a high-resolution, scratch-resistant touch screen, is every bit as convincing as its inner functions.

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Sauna control via the KLAFS Sauna App

Sauna App von KLAFS
KLAFS Sauna App

For those moments when you're looking forward to a well-earned sauna:

With the KLAFS Sauna App, you can now start your sauna or SANARIUM® before you even get home.

Among other things, it can be used to set the temperature, check the sauna’s status and regulate the humidity.

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  • A very special sauna with extravagant looks.
  • Limited edition of only 111 units.
  • From designer and interior architect Nik Schweiger.
  • Exterior panelling captivates with circumferential slats.
  • The interior gives the appearance of having been milled from a single block of wood.
  • The body-shaped loungers are perfectly adapted to the human anatomy.
  • Assembly by our trained specialist fitters.
  • 10-year warranty on your privately used sauna and 5 years on the sauna heater and sauna control unit.