Cleaning tips

Please inspect your sauna once a week and make sure any damage is repaired immediately. If any screws are loose, for example, tighten them straight away. Limescale or water spots on the sauna heater can be removed with a brush. After cleaning your sauna, please air it thoroughly.

In a commercially used sauna, the interior panelling should be replaced every five to seven years.

Please observe the following rules for keeping a public sauna clean:

Cleaning the floor

The floor of the sauna should be cleaned daily. Particular care should be taken around the feet of the benches. The floor should be scrubbed if necessary.


The wood inside a sauna is very dry, and hence very sensitive to moisture. So never use a hose or power washer on the panelling or benches in the sauna. The same applies to the floor inside a sauna/SANARIUM® cabin. Hoses and power washers must also not be used on the exterior panelling of a sauna.

Please note that any warranty claims shall be null and void if a power washer or hose is used on the sauna.

Low-maintenance KLAFS PROFESSIONAL saunas offers various advantages when it comes to cleaning. These include the following:

a)  The walls of the PROFESSIONAL sauna are covered with a waterproof coating up to a height of approx. 37cm. This means you can hose down the floor of a low-maintenance PROFESSIONAL sauna (but NOT with a power washer, otherwise warranty claims shall be null and void). When hosing down the floor, you must also take care that the wooden panelling and the sauna benches do not get wet; otherwise the wood may split.

b)  The entire floor area of the PROFESSIONAL sauna is accessible, or can be accessed easily by folding up or removing the benches or seats.

In sauna cabins where the benches or seats are supported by a conventional timber substructure, the floor should be cleaned thoroughly with a damp mop – but not dripping wet – particularly around the feet of the benches. However, the floor must not be hosed down, or the wood could get wet and split. No warranty claims for the sauna cabin can be accepted in such cases.

Where necessary, diluted hydrogen peroxide can be used on the benches. After six months, you should tighten the screws on the metal feet of PROFESSIONAL Plus sauna benches.

Seat & benches

Sauna LOUNGE mit Innenverkleidung Hemlock-Paneele, SANARIUM®-Ofen MAJUS

Once or twice a year – or more frequently if the sauna is used heavily – sand down the top of the benches in the sauna, using either sandpaper or a sanding machine. When you do so, wear a dust mask or use a suction device. The benches should be wiped down regularly with a disinfectant. We recommend diluted hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration).


Disinfectants are highly corrosive, so please take all regular precautions when using such in the sauna! Hydrogen peroxide does not leave any toxic residue. It decomposes into oxygen and water when it comes into contact with organic materials.

Wall panels

Hemlock: Eines der besten Hölzer für den Bau einer Sauna

The exterior walls of your sauna should be impregnated to protect them against moisture. Do not impregnate or paint the interior panelling or any of the interior fittings of your sauna. Once or twice a year, or more frequently if the sauna is used heavily, you should wipe the walls and ceiling of your sauna with a damp – not wet! –cloth (do NOT hose down!).

Plastic grating

The removable plastic grating on the floor of your sauna should be scrubbed with a disinfectant daily. Please take it out the sauna before doing so. After cleaning your sauna, air it thoroughly.


Check the screws on the door handles regularly and tighten if necessary. Oil the door hinges regularly. Oil the safety catch on the door regularly, and adjust if necessary.

Replacing the sauna stones

In a commercially used sauna – or if you use your private sauna on a daily basis – we recommend you renew the sauna stones once a year.

General information

Recommended: Affix a board (or several boards) displaying the sauna rules in a prominent place on or close to your sauna.

Display one or more notice boards listing “Bathing rules for public saunas” near the sauna (available courtesy of the German Sauna Association).

Please call us if you have any further questions concerning cleaning!

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