Cleaning tips

Please inspect your sauna once a week and make sure any damage is repaired immediately. If any screws are loose, for example, tighten them straight away. Limescale or water spots on the sauna heater can be removed with a brush. After cleaning your sauna, please air it thoroughly.

Fitted benches

Sauna LOUNGE mit Innenverkleidung Hemlock-Paneele, SANARIUM®-Ofen MAJUS

Wipe the seats and benches in the sauna with a damp cloth. If the benches are heavily soiled, you can sand them down periodically with sandpaper (100 grit). Where necessary, diluted hydrogen peroxide can be used on the benches.


Wipe the floor of the sauna with a damp cloth.

Wall panels

Hemlock: Eines der besten Hölzer für den Bau einer Sauna

The exterior walls of your sauna can be impregnated to protect them against moisture. Do not impregnate or paint the interior panelling or any of the interior fittings of your sauna. Periodically (every six months, or as required), you can wipe the interior panelling with a damp cloth.


Check the screws on the door handles regularly and tighten if necessary. Oil the door hinges regularly. Oil the safety catch on the door regularly, and adjust if necessary.

Replacing the sauna stones

If you use your private sauna regularly, we recommend you renew the sauna stones once a year.


Never use a hose or power washer on the interior or exterior wooden panelling, or on the benches in the sauna. The same applies to the floor inside the sauna.

Please note that any warranty claims for the entire sauna shall be null and void if a power washer or hose is used.

Please call us if you have any further questions concerning cleaning!

If you have any problems, KLAFS customer service will be delighted to offer you professional advice and prompt assistance. And in an emergency, we’ll be with you within 24 hours if you call us before 12 o’clock on a Friday. Accessories and spare parts can be dispatched via express mail within 24 hours (subject to an extra charge).

Service hotline: 00800 66 64 55 54

(landline calls within Germany, Austria and Switzerland are free of charge. Please ensure you dial the 00 at the beginning of the number)