D6 steam bath

D6 steam bath

Fascinatingly multi-faceted in appearance.



Dampfbad D6 Innenraum Bank

Clear, cubic forms shape the image, creating an atmosphere of light and space. KLAFS manufactures the walls and ceiling of the D6 from top-quality acrylic, which is highly praised for its luxurious and absolutely smooth surface. This material also has numerous technical merits. Not only is it sturdy and durable, but the ultra-smooth surface makes it particularly easy to clean. Another significant advantage: acrylic is receptive for a huge range of individual design ideas, thus opening the door to a fascinating world of visual highlights.


Dampfbad D6 Detailansicht Bank

Unique bench construction: free-standing furnishings with clearance to walls. Water droplets formed by condensation of hot steam on walls and ceiling are collected behind the benches. This makes the steam bath far more comfortable, hygienic and easier to clean.




Dampfbad D6 Front

Timeless beauty is not the only hallmark of good product design; clear functional advantages are also key. As with the new D6 steam bath by KLAFS. Available with two different cabin heights, the modular design of the D6 shines through everywhere, offering immense flexibility with regard to size, layout and visual design.



D6 PictureLine

Dampfbad D6 PictureLine

D6 PictureLine with customised print.

D6 Black

Dampfbad D6 Black

Black walls and ceiling with dark anthracite elements.



D6 Diamond

Dampfbad D6 Diamond

Alluring sparkle thanks to black walls with gold net inlay.

D6 White

Dampfbad D6 White

Minimalist and modern. D6 steam bath in white.

D6 ColourLine

Dampfbad D6 ColourLine

Youthful and fresh. Combination of white and coloured surfaces.





  • Foldaway benches made of high-quality mineral composites for easy cleaning
  • Drainage channels behind the benches ensure a pleasant and dry seating comfort
  • Innovative ceiling construction with modern, puristic roof design featuring sloped ceilings over the benches to avoid the formation of water droplets
  • Pleasantly smooth, warm and hygienic surfaces.
  • Optionally with MK5 (resistance vaporiser) or the electrode vaporiser EL2 (up to 2.12 x 2.12 m cabin size)
  • For particularly energy-efficient steam bathing KLAFS GREEN STEAM