MAJUS sauna and SANARIUM® heater – free-standing heater in modern design.

MAJUS sauna and SANARIUM® heater

Free-standing heater in modern design.


Our MAJUS free-standing heater is guaranteed to be the eye-catching highlight of your sauna thanks to its modern yet timeless design, whether as a sauna or SANARIUM® heater.

KLAFS Sauna- und SANARIUM®-Ofen MAJUS mit Aquapanel

Thanks to its new design, the MAJUS with its capacity of 60 kg sauna stones offers the same infusion characteristics as other heaters but with significantly increased stone volume. In combination with the 21029 sauna control unit, the SaunaPUR® function is then also possible, offering you an original sauna experience. This heater not only impresses thanks to its appearance and technology, but also with its wide range of functions – and also fulfils all safety standards required for the VDE mark.



KLAFS patentierte Turboheat Funktion
Thanks to the Turboheat function, a sauna temperature of 90°C can be reached in just 20 minutes (from a room temperature of 20°C)

With the patented Turboheat function in our MAJUS sauna heater, a temperature of 90°C is reached in just 20 minutes. This not only saves time for a spontaneous sauna session, but also energy. Thanks to its innovative air flow, the MAJUS lets the heated air flow directly into the cabin when the Turboheat flap is open, thus heating the sauna up faster. If the Turboheat flap remains closed, the stones in the heater are first heated in the traditional way and then the stones in turn heat up the cabin – for pleasant radiant heat.

KLAFS MAJUS Turboheat sauna and SANARIUM® heater, closed
KLAFS MAJUS Turboheat sauna and SANARIUM® heater, closed
KLAFS MAJUS Turboheat sauna and SANARIUM® heater, open
KLAFS MAJUS Turboheat sauna and SANARIUM® heater, open




  • MAJUS sauna or SANARIUM® heater as a free-standing heater
  • With patented Turboheat function
  • VDE-tested
  • Extra-large stone basket for a filling quantity of approx. 60 kg original Finnish olivine stones – for greater heat storage and intensive infusions
  • Optionally available with KLAFS 21029 sauna control unit with SaunaPUR® function or KLAFS 21033 SANARIUM® sauna control unit.
  • Dimensions 960 x 485 x 485 mm (H x W x D) Heater weight approx. 114 kg (including olivine sauna stones)
  • Connected load 6.0 kW, 230 V/400 V for
  • Sauna volume 7.0 m³ to 8.4 m³
  • Connected load 9.0 kW, 230 V/400 V, for
  • Sauna volume 8.5 m³ to 15.0 m³


The SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® contains the MAJUS sauna heater in combination with the 21033 control unit. With this equipment you can enjoy five different forms of bathing in your private sauna. And with our SaunaPUR® function you can enjoy a completely natural sauna experience. The heater is preheated to 80 – 85°C and then switched off. This results in a soft, radiant heat. Intensive infusions compensate for a drop in temperature – for that original sauna feeling. And thanks to the loudspeaker integrated in the humidity sensor, as well as ten pieces of music or natural sounds stored in the control unit, your ears can also relax. The SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® can also be retrofitted into an existing KLAFS sauna: Connected load 6.0 kW or 9.0 kW, 230 V/400 V for sauna volume 7.0 m³ to 15.0 m³.