Die Verdampfer-Technik von KLAFS erzeugt optimalen Dampf in Ihrem Dapfbad.

Steam generator technology

Simple maintenance, reliable steam generation: KLAFS steam generator technology ensures an unrivalled steam bath experience.

Thanks to the integrated bayonet container, two hand movements are sufficient to periodically remove the limescale from the steam generator. The collected limescale can therefore no longer cause any damage. This is ensured by the auto-adaptive desludging control, which automatically adjusts to the respective water quality. And there are a few more advantages that we would like to share with you: Our steam generators – KIN for the steam bath and SAN for the SANARIUM® – automatically generate steam while maintaining the desired temperature. In addition, the KLAFS KIN steam generator doses the fragrance using a microprocessor, an integrated fragrance pump and a steam cylinder made of stainless chrome-nickel steel, and also controls the exhaust air. State-of-the-art technology for maximum steam bath enjoyment. And with cost and time savings included.

Die Verdampfer, KIN fürs Dampfbad und SAN fürs SANARIUM®, erzeugen automatisiert Dampf und halten dabei die gewünschte Temperatur. Erhältlich mit Green Steam Paket.
Der Verdampfer KLAFS KIN dosiert zudem den Duft mit Mikroprozessor, integrierter Duftstoffpumpe und einem Dampfzylinder aus edlem Chromnickel-Stahl, darüber hinaus steuert er die Abluft.


Kalkmanagement mit KLAFS: Die beim Verdampfen von Wasser abgegebenen Mineralien werden im KLAFS Verdampfer getrennt und in den Auffangbehälter geleitet. Mit nur zwei Handgriffen lösen Sie den Bajonettbehälter und können den Kalk sauber und einfach entfernen.

Limescale management with KLAFS: The minerals released during water evaporation are separated in the KLAFS steam generator and fed into the collection container. The bayonet container can be loosened in just two steps, allowing the limescale to be removed cleanly and easily.


  • Steam generator KIN for steam bath and steam generator SAN for SANARIUM®
  • Improved limescale management: Simple and uncomplicated maintenance in two hand movements
  • Patented limescale management for increased safety
  • No re-salting necessary, adjusts automatically to the water quality
  • Perfectly regulated: Temperature, exhaust air and fragrance
  • DVGW* approval (*German technical association for gas and water)
  • Control unit with multicolour touch display and intuitive menu navigation
  • Integrated LED control (light strip, indirect lighting) for KIN steam generator
  • Steam pipe with thermal insulation in accordance with energy saving regulations (EnEV)
  • Thermally insulated steam bath
  • Thermally insulated stainless steel steam cylinder Steam generator with three output levels: 8 kg/h, 10 kg/h, 24 kg/h
  • Heating voltages: 400 – 415 V, control voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class 1, degree of protection: IP20 (touch protection)


To ensure perfect functioning and a long service life of the KLAFS steam generator technology, the operating conditions must be right. During operation, an ambient temperature of 5 to 25 °C is required for optimum mist formation (steam generator technically up to 40 °C). The steam connection should have a steam pipe length of max. 10 metres and consist of max. four bends. The ambient humidity of the device should be 75 % RH. Water quality and temperature are also relevant for optimum evaporation: Untreated drinking water or fully demineralised water (deionised water) with an inlet temperature of 1–40 °C works best. The water connection should be provided by the customer via an angle valve with ½ inch diameter and a connection pressure of 1–10 bar.