Spa en suite, private spa in a hotel

Spa en suite

private wellness moments in a hotel

Cocooning, safety, privacy

– these trends are also changing what guests need in a hotel. For hoteliers, this raises the question: where and under what conditions will hotel guests feel comfortable and what offers can be made to guests to take this into account?

Enjoying a sauna and wellness in your own hotel room instead of in the wellness area is one possible way to fulfil this desire for more privacy. Wellness suites offer a completely private place to retreat where guests can relax undisturbed on their own schedule.

1. An attractive private wellness area in a suite offers significant added value for the guest. Higher prices can then be charged for this exclusive category of rooms.
2. With a spa en suite, the hotel can position itself for a wide range of customer needs. This leads to better occupancy rates, especially during the off season. A large number of hotel guests who enjoy wellness but do not want to go to a public sauna are gained as a new target group.
3. A beautiful wellness area that enables all guests to enjoy the relaxing and health-promoting effects of saunas and other spa facilities is highly valued by guests. However, if the hotel also offers private wellness areas in its suites, its communal wellness area can be somewhat smaller and does not need to be extended.


Customised Planning – for every installation situation

There are numerous possibilities inside a hotel room to accommodate a small but superb sauna. A custombuilt sauna can be individually customised to he room’s dimensions. Corners, niches and sloped ceilings are optimally utilised and thus transformed into a place of wellbeing. Our recommendation: if the sauna and other wellness facilities are taken into account when planning the hotel room, they can be ideally integrated into the room from a technical, visual and bathing viewpoint right from the start and coordinated with the interior design concept.

Many guests who have booked our suite with a sauna have booked the same room again. I think that speaks for itself.
Hans-Harald Reber, Reber's Pflug, Schwäbisch Hall

Sauna in the hotel room: From the room to the spa suite

Those who want to install a private spa in an existing hotel will be creating a brand-new, attractive service for those guests that do not want to use a public wellness area. Cleverly transform a room into an oasis of well-being or combine two rooms to create a more spacious wellness area, which can even be divided if required to offer particular flexibility – there are no limits to your creativity.

Little Space – plenty of sauna enjoyment

Small sauna models

S1 sauna: ideal for small rooms

The expanding S1 sauna is the innovation for taking a private sauna in hotel rooms with limited space. It fits perfectly into the interior of exquisite hotel suites like a high-quality piece of furniture. The space in the room is used smartly here. In its closed state, when the sauna is not being used, it is no larger than a standard cupboard with a depth of 60 cm. Within 20 seconds, it can be extended into a fully functional sauna with a depth of 160 cm at the push of a button.

EASY sauna: easy with a 230 V connection

An elegant EASY sauna – in this design with walnut wood and spacious glass fronts – and a free-standing bathtub offer a high level of relaxation while giving the room a unique wellness ambience. You can relax in complete privacy here after a long day at work. Have you decided to turn rooms into spa suites at a later stage rather than during their construction? This is possible in many cases with the easy-to-install models EASY and S1 with a 230 V connection.

Answers to frequently asked questions


With clever planning, customisation and innovative sauna models such as the expanding S1 sauna, individual solutions can be created for many rooms. A normal hotel room can become a wellness suite, even with less than 2 m² of floor space for a sauna!

High voltage is beneficial, but not absolutely necessary, as some compact sauna models are equipped with a 230 V connection. They nevertheless offer sufficient space to enjoy a sauna in comfort.

For hygiene reasons, the floor of the sauna should be smooth. Tiles and natural stone are ideal, but parquet or laminate are also possible. Ventilation with air extraction should be available, but even here the S1 sauna’s SCC filter offers a solution if this condition is not met.

A sauna is available from just approx. 5,000.– € (plus VAT) including delivery and assembly. Particularly the models equipped with a 230 V connection have a very low power consumption of approx. 10 to 12 kWh per 3 hours of running time. In addition, saunas from KLAFS are designed to have a long service life, and no repairs due to wear are expected, even over many years.

There are numerous safety facilities that make a sauna en suite a safe option. For example, the BONATHERM underbench heating system. It is designed so that it cannot be touched during normal operation. Even if guests place a towel over the heater shaft, it cannot cause a fire. The intelligent sauna control unit automatically switches the sauna off after 4 hours. If no infusions are desired for safety reasons, this facility can be excluded.

Depending on the sauna model, various types of exterior and interior cladding, glass elements and colourcoordinated fittings in keeping with the interior of the room are possible. For a sauna that is perfectly integrated into your design concept.

It is also possible to convert hotel rooms into sauna suites on a temporary basis. For instance, with our EASY sauna, which is easily erected and dismantled by the hotel staff, and can also be supplied as a plug & play version.


Whether simplistic and modern, classically opulent, with Alpine rusticity, or discreetly cosy.