A little warmth often works wonders.

The beneficial, relaxing and pain-alleviating effects of targeted heat treatment for the back have been known for many years. Thanks to KLAFS radiator control technology, infrared bathing becomes a very individual experience. InfraPLUS offers you an easy way to upgrade your spa zone, and indeed to do so in two different ways.

Infrared Cabin

The Pro Oakstone infrared cabin is cleverly designed down to the last detail and offers your bathing guests high-grade, contemporary wellness experiences. This is a view shared by the German Wellness Association (Deutscher Wellness Verband), which made the Pro Oakstone its winner in the category for innovative wellness products. You can choose between the two design variants light and dark.

InfraPLUS Seats

InfraPLUS Seats from KLAFS offer a modular system permitting you to put together your own individual infrared facilities. And now you can combine two infrared seating units, each taking up a width of 80 cm. This means any infrared wish can readily be met, from a modest two-seat basic unit, which can be installed in any space, to larger systems involving several rows of seats.


InfraPLUS supplementary equipment for the first time allows you to provide infrared radiation directly in the sauna, meaning extra cabins are no longer needed. The infrared seat can be integrated into the existing range of KLAFS saunas and blends harmoniously with the sauna cabin design.

S1 Infrared

The KLAFS S1 infrared is a perfect fit for our modern life, because it becomes really small at the touch of a button – like a zoom lens on a camera. In its retracted state, the Infrared S1 is only 45 cm deep, but when it is extended, it offers plenty of space for relaxing bathing fun.

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