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Dry salt inhalation for each room

With Microsalt, high-quality salt is ground into microscopic particles using patented technology and introduced into a room. A beneficial microclimate with dry salt mist is created.

Microsalt room planning

Without having to elaborately create rooms completely out of salt, Microsalt brings the positive effects of salt into virtually any room - individually designed to your specifications. A specially developed process with patented technology feeds in a dry salt mist. With the Micronizer SP1 this happens on a cyclical basis. With the Micronizer SP4, the concentration level is monitored by a sensor and the salt concentration in the room is regulated fully automatically.

Beneficial extra for sauna and infrared

Microsalt SaltProX

The unique Microsalt technology can also be easily retrofitted to any existing sauna or infrared cabin - with the portable, battery-powered Microsalt SaltProX.


The stylistic idea of the KLAFS designers at the SALINA LOUNGE: The guest should have the feeling of spending a day by the sea that is as eventful as it is beneficial. Therefore, the side walls built of salt stones and the textile wall are backlit by an elaborate light show that reproduces the lighting moods of an entire day within a few minutes. The integrated and patented Microsalt technology was even awarded the European Health and Spa Award 2014.


The SALT WALL is made of natural Himalayan salt - here everyone can quietly take a closer look. Illuminated from behind, the SALT WALL transforms any sauna into an oasis of well-being, and the exotic structure, radiating pale orange, is also a real feast for the eyes with paradise-like side effects.

KLAFS Microsalt impressions


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