Creating high quality wellness and relaxation for our customers
KLAFS in portrait

At KLAFS our mission is, whether at home or at a public spa, we want to ensure people enjoy blissful moments of relaxation of the highest quality that enrich them mentally, physically, and spiritually, with long lasting effects after using KLAFS products.

We love what we do at KLAFS and our customers know it.

Sauna manufacturer KLAFS

KLAFS - the people behind saunas, steam baths and wellness

For decades, KLAFS has managed to innovatively develop the topics of sauna, pool and spa and constantly redefine them in a way that shapes the market today. Would you like to learn more about the story behind the leading sauna manufacturer, KLAFS? Who are the people that, day after day, strive to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of their customers? What is the philosophy of the company from Schwäbisch Hall? Head over to the KLAFS Portrait page where you will find extensive information about the company founded in 1928 by Erich Klafs and its extraordinary success story.