KLAFS Microsalt SaltProX
KLAFS Microsalt SaltProX


  • Fine salt aerosol of the highest quality
  • Aims to clean the airways

Like a day at the sea

Salt air is good for us. We all know the feeling of a long walk on the beach, a stiff breeze blowing in our faces and the taste of salt on our lips. That is why we created the Microsalt SaltProX.


The soothing extra for sauna and infrared

The fine salt particles in the air provide a calming sensation.

Salt - a source of health benefits

For thousands of years, people have benefitted from the natural health source of salt for prevention and healing. Thanks to the combination of salt and the latest technology, an effective and at the same time practical salt inhalation device was created - the Microsalt SaltProX. The patented crushing technology distributes the finest salt aerosol, reaching deeply throughout the respiratory system.

The perfect combination

There are a multitude of benefits for using a sauna or infrared cabin. Here's another: We designed the SaltProX for use in heat cabins so that any sauna or infrared cabin can be transformed into a salt inhalation room.

Maximum benefit

Only here can the humidity be brought to less than 40% relative humidity to create a microclimate with dry salt fog combined with a very high salt aerosol concentration. This mist is evenly distributed throughout the cabin with maximum benefits but with minimum effort.


To revitalise the body or a particular organ means to strengthen it again. This is where SaltProX provides support. The application can have a cleansing effect on the respiratory tract. It’s not just the lungs, but also the skin which benefits from the salt spray. Besides revitalizing and cleansing, it can also support the healing process of various skin conditions.

Microsalt dry salt inhalation

When inhaled, the fine salt particles - in contrast to conventional salt applications - spread throughout the entire respiratory system, from the nose to the sinuses, the pharynx to the outermost lung areas, and can have an expectorant effect here.

Microsalt equipment

Patented technology and simple operation.

Simple operation

Simply place the device in the heat cabin preheated to 30 to 50°C, turn on the main switch and slide the salt cup into the device. After switching on, the device starts the salt aerosol production. After about ten minutes, an optimum dry salt concentration is reached and the colour of the illumination changes from orange to blue. At this point, you can begin with the inhalation. After one hour, the device switches off automatically.

Easier than ever

Portioned salt sticks are available specifically for Microsalt SaltProX, containing the ideal dose of dry, high-quality salt for one application. The amount contained in the sticks is designed for the maximum recommended application time of one hour. To get the dry salt inhalation device ready to go, simply remove the cup and fill it with the contents of a salt stick along with the stainless-steel crushing ball. Following this, the cup simply goes back into the device.

Patented technology

Using invisible crushing technology, the Microsalt SaltProX produces particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality, which is distributed evenly throughout the heat cabin. The friction of the individual salt crystals finely grinds them and provides them with a negative charge (known as the ‘triboelectric effect’). The resulting ionization of the individual salt particles promotes dispersion in the room and benefits the purification of the air, with which the respiratory tract and skin are constantly in contact.

Flexible to use

The SaltProX makes dry salt inhalation possible in every home. With wireless battery operation, it can be used flexibly - it can even travel with you in your hand luggage to any location. The Plus X Awards in the categories of Innovation, High Quality, Ease of Use and Functionality speak for themselves: a high health-promoting benefit can be combined with modern and timeless product design.


  • The SaltProX brings home a feel-good factor akin to a relaxing walk by the sea. 
  • The positive effects of dry salt have been proven by multiple scientific studies. 
  • KLAFS Microsalt produces particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality, which is distributed throughout the entire cabin. 
  • The operation is intuitive and simple. 
  • Thanks to its handy format, you can take the SaltProX anywhere - even on trips in your hand luggage. 
  • Dry salt inhalation becomes possible and affordable for private households. 
  • Battery operation makes the SaltProX particularly flexible to use. 
  • The SaltProX starter kit contains all the necessary accessories. 

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Dry salt inhalation

One process, many advantages

With its patented comminution technology, Microsalt SaltProX produces a particularly fine salt aerosol of the highest quality that is distributed throughout the entire cabin. The application of Microsalt SaltProX aims to thoroughly cleanse the airways down to the finest alveoli, as well as cleansing and revitalising the skin. 

Dry salt mist has strong moisture-binding properties and can therefore help to loosen and remove secretions stuck within the respiratory tract with ease. In addition, dry salt mist has an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect. Thus, the use of Microsalt SaltProX can be extremely effective and helpful in preventing colds or inflammations. 

Dry salt inhalation is particularly recommended for those who may experience hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, or chronic lung diseases. Microsalt SaltProX is also intended for people who frequently suffer from colds or sinusitis, as well as for people with skin diseases, sleep disorders or depression. 

Sit back and enjoy

This is how the SaltProX works.

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