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Ideas for sauna and wellness at home

Ever since people first started using saunas, they knew that relaxation begins in the brain. Your brain. Tell us what you your dream sauna looks like – and we’ll make your dream come true. In the comfort of your own home. Classic? Puristic? Lavish? Compact? With KLAFS, you can not only fulfil your own personal spa dream. You can also move one step closer to finding personal fulfilment.

Planning a sauna in the bathroom

Time for yourself in its most beautiful form - isn't the bathroom the ideal place for that? Where else can we shut the door for an hour and enjoy peace and privacy?

The sauna has long since stopped being an exclusive pleasure enjoyed only by the few: it has made its way into larger and not-so-large apartments, from basements to living spaces, and is no longer purely a functional item, but rather a stylish designer object. The custom-planned sauna can be integrated into any interior - remaining in the owner's line of sight and serving as a constant reminder to take some time out.

With the S1 sauna, wellness in your own bathroom is now wonderfully achievable - and living in style and comfort is no longer a question of square footage. The principle of its design means that the S1 can also be accommodated in a completely normal bathroom. When not in use, it measures no more than a regular wall cabinet, but at the press of a button, expands like the zoom lens on a camera to create a fully functional sauna.

Sauna in the bathroom

Planning ideas

And just like the kitchen, which has developed into a place where people meet, separate from the business space, so too has the evolution of the bathroom long since begun: from the wet room to the hideaway, from the wash room to the wellness area. Discover the many planning ideas and installation options for the sauna in your bathroom.

Private references of sauna in bathrooms

Sauna ideas for the bathroom

We visited some of our customers in their homes and we would like to share with you some inspiration for your own private sauna in your bathroom.

Sauna AURA
A sauna in the bathroom is a unique experience
Installing a sauna in the family bathroom, originally planned to be fitted during our house design & planning stage is now finally a reality. For years the once empty corner space, is now fulfilling all the families relaxation requirements.
Extravagant bathroom
Extraordinary wellness area
Bathroom renovation with a small sauna
Sauna in the sloping roof
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Planning a sauna in the wellness area at home

So, since where to put the sauna is barely an issue any more – the question really is: which sauna is right for which person? Whether it be a designer object or a functional essential, either a cube with glass highlights or a flourish of rustic charm - the decision ultimately depends on the individual's personality and tastes, their health needs and of course the amount of space they have available.

Sauna in the Wellness area at home

Planning ideas

The trend is moving away from the sauna basement and into the rooms in which we live and work. The living room, work room and bathroom are increasingly becoming the setting for a small, at-home spa. However entire spa and wellness areas for the home with a classical sauna, SANARIUM® or a small steam bath, our SaltProX portable dry salt inhalation device, or an infra-red seat, also remain the dream of many relaxation seekers for their own home. Our picture gallery offers inspiration and ideas for sauna spaces in the home.

Private references for wellness areas

Sauna ideas for the wellness area

Discover our private references for wellness areas at home. Where dreaming becomes a reality.

Exclusive wellness at home
In the newly built villa on Lake Zurich, the steam shower and KLAFS sauna AURORA merge to create a unique wellness ambience.
Sauna AURA with floating loungers
A wellness oasis for the whole family
Alpine interior

Let yourself be inspired

We have visited a few of our customers in their homes, and we have put together a wealth of inspiration for your own private sauna or small spa area at home. Set your imagination free!

Have you already gathered a few ideas yourself for your at-home sauna, and you'd now like to make more specific plans? Our professional consultants in the KLAFS showrooms in Germany and our KLAFS partners worldwide are always willing to assist you, and are happy to answer any questions you have about planning your own personal sauna. Ultimately, any wellness area can only be as good as the advice sought before buying it.

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