The medicinal effect of the sauna and SANARIUM®

The centuries-old sweat bath is beneficial to both the body and soul. Regular saunas arm the body against various stressors. Today, more and more people are choosing to install a sauna at home. Find out more about what going to the sauna can do to benefit your health. 

Regular sauna bathing is a very good workout for the immune system. It helps during the cold and pollen season.
Prof. Karl-Ludwig Resch

Healthy extras

Multiple scientific studies have noted the positive effects of dry salt. The thorough cleaning of the airways down to the finest alveoli is just one benefit for your health. Dry salt inhalation is making its way into private households with the SaltProX. 

Help against high blood pressure

Hot and dry or mild and humid - your personal feel-good climate decides. Bathing in the SANARIUM® has a positive effect on health in several ways. Besides the blood pressure-lowering effect, for example, the cardiovascular system is trained. 

Strengthening for the immune system

Health tips

1. Drink plenty
Not only before and after the sauna, but all the time. The best option is tea or water.
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2. Strengthen the immune system
Regular sauna sessions strengthen the immune system in the long term. The alternating warm bathing helps the body to develop defense mechanisms.
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3. Heat does good
Heat does good. The soothing infrared heat strengthens the body and can relieve tension.
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4. Take a foot bath
Improved blood circulation helps to eliminate metabolic waste and toxins, which can have a positive effect on overall health and well-being. A warm footbath also promotes relaxation and helps to reduce stress levels. Additionally, by improving blood flow to the feet, discomfort or pain in the legs and feet can be alleviated. Foot baths are especially beneficial for individuals with circulatory problems.
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5. Fresh air
Oftentimes, a short walk is enough to refresh the body and mind. When there are icy temperatures outside, a sauna session warms up the body again. 
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6. Dry salt inhalation
Salt inhalation promotes natural humidification of the respiratory tract and has an anti-inflammatory effect - much like a day at the seaside!
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7. Exercise
Exercise is good for you. Anything is better than nothing! Whether cycling, yoga or a short run - find your personal path.
8. Healthy infusions
Essential oils have a germ-reducing and antibacterial effect, making them perfect for a healthy infusion in the sauna.
9. Rest
A break is good for both body and mind. Yoga or a relaxing bath are great for this. Remember, only a rested body can form new antibodies.
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10. Lower blood pressure
Regular SANARIUM® sessions (low-temperature sauna with temperature: 55 °C, humidity: 48%) can return blood pressure to a normal level in a completely natural way.
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11. Sunlight
Whenever possible, soak up sunlight. Vitamin D, which is formed by sunlight, strengthens the immune system.
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12. Sleep
A strong body requires restful sleep. The pleasant exhaustion after a sauna can aid you in falling asleep quicker, ultimately improving the quality of your rest.
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