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  • Five climate zones in one sauna
  • May alleviate high blood pressure

Relaxation individually controlled

Every person is special and deserves a special form of relaxation.

A good feeling all around

The SANARIUM® enables a wide variety of bathing forms. The relative humidity is also significantly higher in the soft steam bath than in the classic Finnish sauna for example.

Unlimited possibilities

SANARIUM® heaters are available in different sizes. Together with the appropriate control unit, a KLAFS sauna cabin of your choice becomes a sauna experience with unlimited possibilities. Saunas can also be retrofitted with them.

Five forms of well-being

Select your preferred climate zone and the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® will automatically adjust the humidity and temperature to your preferences.

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SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® equipment

The SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® has a lot to offer.

Study results of the Charité

A study by the renowned Charité in Berlin has shown that the gentle warmth and the circulation-friendly climate in the SANARIUM® can reduce high blood pressure and alleviate circulatory problems. By visiting the low-temperature sauna twice a week (temperature: 55 °C, humidity: 48%), the blood pressure of hypertensive patients drops. This was the result of a study conducted by Dr. Hans-Joachim Winterfeld, Berlin, performed with patients who have high blood pressure.

Cholesterol levels can decrease

The study by the Charité also showed cholesterol levels decreasing as a result of the SANARIUM® visits. The serum concentration of tumour necrosis factor (TNF) fell by eleven percent, while the level of the anti-inflammatory interleukin-10 rose by about one third. So, it is hardly surprising that sauna sessions bring noticeable relief to rheumatics in the inflammation-free interval.

Strengthen the immune system

And that's not all! Regular SANARIUM® sessions train the cardiovascular system and effectively prevent colds. Overall, SANARIUM® has been shown to have a positive influence on the immune system. Our largest organ, the skin, is also made happy aby this beauty program - it is cleansed and, at the same time, supplied with nutrients and minerals.

Enjoy SaunaPUR®

The SaunaPUR® function offers an original relaxation experience in the traditional Finnish style. For all those who want to get particularly close to the original form of sauna bathing, look no further. The heater is switched off at 80 to 85°C - this results in a soft radiant heat and allows for intense infusions. Finns would say: "Löyly." We would say: Good thing there's the SaunaPUR® button.

Family time together

The mild and pleasant forms of sauna bathing are a perfect introduction to bathing for children - and the variety keeps boredom at bay!


  • Five climate zones, one sauna. 
  • Individual relaxation. 
  • If the classic sauna is too hot or too dry for you, you can combine sauna and steam bath thanks to the SANARIUM®
  • Select your preferred climate zone and the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® will automatically adjust the humidity and temperature to your preference.  
  • Almost all KLAFS sauna models can be equipped with the SANARIUM®
  • At first glance, a SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® looks barely any different from a "normal" sauna - but the relaxation experience is extraordinary. 
  • The cabin can be stimulatingly scented with aromatized steam via an aroma cup. 
  • The speaker integrated in the humidity sensor pampers you with soothing sounds on request. 
  • The SaunaPUR® function additionally offers a pristine relaxation experience in the traditional Finnish style. 
  • The relaxation offered by the SANARIUM® is not only particularly pleasant but has also been proven to be healthy. For example, a study conducted by the renowned Charité hospital in Berlin found that the gentle warmth and circulation-friendly climate in the SANARIUM® can lower high blood pressure and alleviate circulatory problems. 
  • Elevated cholesterol levels also decreased as a result of SANARIUM® visits. 

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