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NEW IN THE WORLD OF SAUNAS: KLAFS brings the infusion master into the home sauna with the VITALITY BOOST

What could be more relaxing than time out in your home sauna? Now sauna lovers can enjoy that special moment of…

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Regeneration after exercise: the beneficial power of saunas

Regeneration is an important factor in sports to maintain and increase performance and to avoid injuries. In order to…

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From 3D laser engraving to new designs and automatic infusions: KLAFS presents groundbreaking upgrades for commercial wellness areas

Relaxation is the key to withstanding the hectic pace of everyday life and staying healthy in the long term. It makes it…

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A world of warmth, light, colours and sound

KLAFS and Studio F. A. Porsche develop a new oasis of deep relaxation together for the first time: the S11 sauna

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Japandi style enters the spa world: The new GESA sauna by Gesa Hansen from KLAFS

With the GESA sauna, KLAFS, the world market leader for saunas, once again presents an innovative design statement…

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An entirely new bathing ceremony: KLAFS launches the world's first foam steam bath ESPURO®

Foam has exerted a magical fascination on us for centuries and is celebrated in many cultures in a number of different…

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The extendable, space-saving KLAFS S1 sauna now as a new edition in elegant black

The health-promoting effect of regular sauna use is now undisputed which is why more and more people dream of having…

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KLAFS presents inspirations for retreats for active recreation and health care at FIBO 2023 in Cologne, Germany

More and more people are attaching importance to a more conscious life: From nutrition and sports to more relaxation and…

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KLAFS has agreed to the acquisition of the Spa division of Prim S.A., Madrid

KLAFS headquartered in Schwäbisch Hall and worldwide market leader for saunas, has agreed to the acquisition of the Spa…

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Regular sauna users strengthen their immune system ... ... and also defy the cold better.

If you go to the sauna regularly and expose your body to temperature stimuli, you train your heat and cold regulation -…

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