From 3D laser engraving to new designs and automatic infusions: KLAFS presents groundbreaking upgrades for commercial wellness areas

Relaxation is the key to withstanding the hectic pace of everyday life and staying healthy in the long term. It makes it possible to let go of tension, regenerate the body and calm the mind. It is not surprising, then, that people are increasingly conscious of looking for soothing relaxation on holiday or after work. A feel-good ambience is crucial in order to quickly get away from a stressful everyday life and find a state of relaxation. This is becoming increasingly important, especially in the commercial sector. With this in mind, KLAFS - the market leader for saunas, wellness and spas - is presenting innovations for the Sauna PROFI that make exactly this possible. Inviting and aesthetically appealing wellness oases that ensure relaxing downtime from the very first minute. New well-designed loungers and lights, a spectacular 3D engraving and a new infusion bowl that complements the KLAFS automatic infusion system are now part of the range.

For even more well-being

With the aim of continuing to inspire with innovations and soothing aesthetics, KLAFS is expanding the range for the PROFI sauna with even more equipment options and new designs. A wide range of relaxing sensory experiences in a particularly appealing environment is becoming increasingly important in the commercial sector. And to achieve this, everything must be tailored to individual well-being and optimally fit respective needs. In order to best respond to this, KLAFS now offers its customers even more flexible and versatile design and equipment options for the PROFI sauna. In addition to two new sauna benches, lights and a new infusion bowl, there is now also the option of decorating the sauna with an individual 3D laser engraving. As if that were not enough, KLAFS also offers a new and even more convenient control system with which all products can be controlled via a touchscreen: the 21 TOUCHCONTROL.


"Innovation by Design": FINO and PIANO sauna benches

The two new sauna benches PIANO and FINO combine timeless classic elegance with the highest functionality and optimal lying comfort. The high-quality filigree wooden slats of the FINO sauna bench bring lightness to any sauna and give it a noble, puristic appearance. The special design of the reclining surface of the PIANO sauna bench with its arrangement of 90° turned wooden slats gives the sauna a new and elegant look. The carefully positioned wooden slats and the recessed panel offer maximum seating comfort and give the impression that  the recliners are floating. This also gives the sauna an airy, open character. The swivelling reclining level also allows better access to all surfaces and facilitates cleaning. LED lighting for the sauna benches rounds off the picture and sets wonderful warm, yet modern accents thanks to its glare-free positioning.


Finest laser engraving for individual design options

In addition to the large selection of interior and exterior panelling and customised installation solutions, KLAFS now offers another option for individualisation. However the customer would like their sauna wall or sauna lounger to be designed, KLAFS can add a very personal touch with the new 3D laser engraving. Whether picture, graphic, text or logo - with the new laser engraving, KLAFS has endless possibilities to design the surfaces completely individually. Even the finest structures can be engraved into the wood. There are no limits to the customer's imagination and requests. In this way, unique, exclusive surface finishes with a haptic and heat-resistant result can be created, giving every sauna its very own distinctive charm.


Harmoniously staged lighting scenes: MAYLA and MAYLA effect sauna lamps


It is not only the warmth or comfortable seating of a sauna that ensures deep relaxation - the right lighting can also create a cosy and calming mood. Soft, subdued light or warm colour tones can reduce stress and promote relaxation.  The new MAYLA luminaires with translucent screen and MAYLA Effect with effect screen enable just that. They provide ideal illumination of the sauna and give every wellness oasis a cosy ambience of relaxation and tranquillity. The lighting can be adjusted to suit the cabin and the light colour, brightness and warmth can be adjusted to suit the mood, creating a very special atmosphere in the room. MAYLA can be dimmed and, in addition to warm white LED lighting, can also be selected in the variant with RGB LEDs.


Simultaneously, the sauna lights blend perfectly into any cabin and, with their numerous design options, create a remarkable architectural unit with the wall and ceiling. And just like all the other design updates, MAYLA is all about individuality: the light is available in both hemlock or walnut and can additionally be clad in solid wood and mounted on both the wall and the ceiling. It is also compatible with all KLAFS wood profiles and can be selected in height analogue to the narrowest KLAFS wood profile - the joint dimensions are exactly matched.


Complement to the MAJUS heater: automatic infusion with the ENYA infusion bowl

Offering guests a relaxing time-out in the sauna and at the same time making the moments of rest even more effective in terms of health is undoubtedly what the infusion at every sauna bath is for.  To enable operators of commercial saunas to provide a continuous range of infusion ceremonies, KLAFS offers the new ENYA automatic infusion bowl. The integrated automatic infusion system can be set via a timed control or operated at the touch of a button. The design of the infusion tray is such that the water is centred by the surrounding rim. This means that the water always remains in the bowl, is evenly distributed and prevents hot splashes or even water fountains on the surrounding wooden surface. The beautifully shaped infusion tray complements the elegant MAJUS design wonderfully and is compatible with all stoves of the MAJUS series. As the water can be fed in from below through the stove, via an outlet on the wall or via the ceiling, it can also be used flexibly for any situation.


Even more convenient control of KLAFS products with 21 TOUCHCONTROL

As the demand for innovation and the diversity of applications grows, so does the demand for uncomplicated operation. Smart solutions promise even more user convenience and are therefore in demand as never before, which is why KLAFS has developed the 21 TOUCHCONTROL - with a particular focus on simple control. Intelligently networked, intuitive operation of all KLAFS cabins and applications is possible on just one touchscreen tablet control. With this so-called master, up to 16 products can be operated without the need for an additional device. For an optimal overview, all connected KLAFS products are displayed in a clear tile look. The products can be controlled and monitored remotely via the KLAFS app - a function that promises maximum operational reliability. 


Unprecedented customisation options

The expansion of the new range for the PROFI sauna is an excellent reflection of KLAFS' commitment to innovation, strong design solutions and optimum well-being. The new products make it possible to individualise the wellness experience in the sauna and spa area down to the smallest detail, offering plenty of design freedom with optimum comfort at the same time. From sauna loungers and atmospheric lights to 3D laser engravings, automated infusion bowls and easy-to-use, user-friendly sauna controls - the range creates perfect harmony between relaxation and individual enjoyment.


About KLAFS:

KLAFS has been creating places of relaxation for body and soul since 1928. Time and again, the company manages to surprise with groundbreaking innovations – such as the space-saving sauna KLAFS S1, which transforms from the size of a wall cabinet to a fully functional sauna within 20 seconds at the push of a button. Thanks to this innovative strength, KLAFS advanced from what was once a small family business to a global industry leader. Today, more than 800 employees work to meet - and exceed - the ever-increasing demands of customers. From small private sauna rooms to luxurious hotel spas. And they do this all over the world, with expert advice from carefully trained technical consultants and on-site service from experienced teams. As a trendsetter in the sauna, pool and spa industry, KLAFS continuously invests in research and development, for example to further increase the energy efficiency of its products.