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Entire wellness solutions, delivered by KLAFS

Together with our subsidiary SSF, we can now help you create your perfect pool. Whether it is a private outdoor swimming pool, a luxury indoor swimming pool, or a hot tub - we have it covered. Starting with the design and planning, through to the installation of the pool, to the maintenance, you can create your own SSF swimming pool with us. 

Indoor swimming pools

We didn’t invent the indoor swimming pool – but we do reinvent it every time. Every customer and pool is unique, which is why we adapt our pools to fit the environment as well as to the style and wishes of our clients. We are very much recognised in international design competitions, as you can see from our numerous top-class awards.  

Outdoor pools

What is more beautiful than a sunny summer day? A sunny summer day by the pool! There aren't many other places you can swim, splash, or simply soak in the sun entirely undisturbed. With our team of architects and specialist planners, we design outdoor pools entirely to fit your lifestyle and ideas. Summer weather can be inconsistent, and with this in mind, we offer a wide range of different canopies that will easily transform your outdoor pool into an indoor one. With us, you can rest assured that even a surprise summer shower cannot spoil your swimming pleasure. 

Range of services

  • Individual advice, planning and execution of your indoor and outdoor swimming pool.
  • Use of different pool and whirlpool systems according to requirements and customer needs. 
  • Use of high-quality and easy to use water treatment equipment. 
  • Installation of relaxing and stimulating water attractions and counter-current systems. 
  • Efficient air conditioning and dehumidification systems including energy optimisation and heat recovery. 
  • Exclusive saunas, steam baths, heat loungers, experience showers, fitness equipment.  
  • Supply and installation of swimming pool covers and enclosures. 
  • Project-related interior design of the indoor swimming pool, considering structural-physical and architectural aspects. 
  • Refurbishment of existing swimming pools. 
  • Customer service, maintenance, and repair. 

Indoor swimming pools, outdoor swimming pools & whirlpools in your wellness area

Sit back and relax during the creation of your own indoor and/or outdoor swimming pool. Together with our subsidiary SSF, we  ensure you don't have to worry about a thing. Whether a personal outdoor pool, private hot tub or your own indoor swimming pool, we can provide everything you need from the design and planning, through to the installation of the swimming pools to maintenance. We can give expert advice on modern swimming pool technology as well as renovation and refurbishment of your existing pool. This is what we mean by an all-round care package. To complement your swimming pool KLAFS offers a multitude of accessories from the SANOSPA massage tub, treatment couches and relaxation loungers. 

Dive into the water worlds of SSF

This is what we mean by an all-round care package - expert advice on modern swimming pool technology through to refurbishment. Check out our website and order more information to your home.