As a global market leader, we’re particularly concerned about the environment. Thus for many years, we’ve been focussing on using energy and resources in a responsible manner. And you can play a decisive part towards helping the environment too – by relaxing with our KLAFS GREEN SAUNA package.

Here at KLAFS, we strive to use energy and raw materials responsibly, and keep our carbon footprint  CO2 to an absolute minimum. And we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce it even further.

Blue Angel

Founded in 1978, "Blue Angel" certification is awarded to environmentally-friendly products and services following  the assessment of predefined criteria by an independent jury. The Blue Angel label pays tribute to a company’s commitment to environmental protection, enabling them to market this aspect of their products effectively. In effect, the Blue Angel is like an environmental beacon, lighting the way for consumers who are looking for ecologically sound and environmentally friendly products. All KLAFS prefabricated saunas in Canadian hemlock an Scandinavian spruce and solid wood saunas in Canadian hemlock bear this seal of approval.

The website offers consumers lots of product information, interesting facts on trends, and tips on the categories covered by this ecolabel. The website serves as a guide for products bearing Blue Angel certification, helping consumers to make environmentally friendly choices.

Wood – A product of nature

We take our responsibility seriously. For years, we have focused on sourcing our materials sustainably, and on responsible, sustainable forest management, which we continually strive to improve. Dedicated to this cause, we use only certified wood for our saunas – wood that conforms to ecological, social and economic standards. Neutral parties have repeatedly paid tribute to our commitment by awarding us various ecolabel and awards, such as Blue Angel certification for environmentally friendly products.

Real wood veneer panels inside the sauna

In 2007, the Dresden Institute for Wood Technology awarded its seal of approval to KLAFS quality real wood veneer panels, certifying that these do not contain formaldehyde, and therefore conform to legal requirements. KLAFS real wood veneer panels also meet all legal demands with regard to the emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Minimised waste

Here at KLAFS, our corporate philosophy includes minimising waste in all areas. In our production, for example, our cutting machines cut wood to size with an absolute minimum of waste. And we ensure that any waste wood is recycled.

Intelligent electricity management

KLAFS recycles all wood chips. The furnace is filled automatically, thus constantly turning waste wood into heat. So at KLAFS, 80% of the energy needed to heat the buildings is generated by our own waste wood – without needing to tap into further energy sources or generate additional transport costs. We’ve also fitted a large number of solar panels to the roofs of our buildings.

Regional suppliers

And we’ve narrowed down our radius of suppliers to use as many regional suppliers as possible. This has helped to increase our quality, and focussing our logistics more strongly has also helped to reduce our carbon footprint.

Ongoing development

For spas, which are hugely popular in modern society, experts have now developed an intelligent solution to make the world a better place and cut the amount of energy used by more than 40%: as global leader in the manufacture of saunas, our GREEN SAUNAs and GREEN SAUNA packages have succeeded in uniting sauna construction with efficient energy management.

With our GREEN SAUNA package, sauna-lovers who also love the environment can relax. Combinable with virtually all classic saunas by KLAFS, it’s good news all round – for your conscience, for the environment, and for your wallet. The GREEN SAUNA function is activated simply by pressing a glass button. Less energy is then needed to produce the same amount of heat – thanks to an electrical turbo flap which, in conjunction with the insulated, double-walled Eco Plus ceiling, keeps the heat inside the cabin for longer. Everything inside the sauna that uses electricity – from the sauna lights to extra fittings such as sound equipment, coloured lights or lighting effects – switches itself off as soon as you leave the sauna. In this manner, the GREEN SAUNA package can help you cut your electricity needs by more than 40%.

KLAFS SOLAR SAUNA uses free solar power to heat the sauna. Thanks to our innovative methods, the SOLAR SAUNA uses nearly 70% less electricity than a conventional outdoor sauna. By exploiting solar power and actively recycling waste heat, installing a KLAFS CLIMATE MANAGER, adding a porch, and insulating the walls and ceiling of your sauna, you can reduce the K-value to approx. 0.22 – solar energy is a win-win solution! And what could be more soothing than the  soft and gentle warmth of sun-soaked soapstone?