Sauna cleaning tips

Instructions for the care and cleaning of your KLAFS sauna

The following care instructions apply to both private and commercial saunas. The frequency of care and maintenance in the commercial sector is higher due to the heavy use.

Regular inspection

Please check the sauna regularly once a week for any damage and fix it right away. For example, loosened screws must be tightened immediately. Lime or water stains on the sauna heater are most conveniently removed with a brush. After cleaning, the sauna should be ventilated.


The wood of the sauna is extremely dry and therefore very sensitive to moisture. The wooden cladding of the cabin as well as the reclining and seating benches must therefore never be sprayed with a water hose or high-pressure cleaner. This also applies to cleaning the floor inside the sauna/SANARIUM® cabin. Also, do not clean exterior cladding with a pressure washer or water hose.

Using a high-pressure cleaner or running water will void the warranty of the entire sauna.

In the professionally used area of the sauna, the interior cladding should be replaced after about 5 to 7 years.

Floor cleaning

The floor should be thoroughly damp-mopped. In the commercial sector, the floor of a sauna should be cleaned daily. Special care should be taken around the bench feet. Scrub the floor as needed.
The plastic grate, with which the accessible surfaces of a sauna cabin are usually covered, should be cleaned daily outside the sauna with a scouring disinfectant. After cleaning, the sauna should be thoroughly aired.


Special advantages for cleaning the sauna are offered by the easy-care KLAFS Sauna PROFI equipment for the commercial sector. This design has the following main advantages:

a) The walls of the PROFI sauna are covered with waterproof panels up to a height of approx. 37 cm. Therefore, the floor of the easy-care PROFI sauna can be sprayed out (not with a high-pressure cleaner, otherwise the warranty will be voided). However, care should also be taken not to get the wood paneling and the sauna benches wet. Otherwise the wood will crack.

b) The floor in the entire area of the PROFI sauna is easily accessible or walkable when the recliners and benches are folded up or removed.

For the PROFI Plus benches, the screw connections of the metal feet must be retightened after approx. 6 months.

Cleaning and care of the seating and benches

Wipe the sauna seating and benches with a damp cloth. We recommend KLAFS wood cleaner for saunas for cleaning. KLAFS wood cleaner can be used for cleaning both benches and wall and ceiling surfaces. The surfaces to be cleaned should be dry and dust-free. Apply KLAFS wood cleaner undiluted and evenly. Leave to act for around 1- 2 minutes, then rub off any dirt with a sponge and light pressure. Clean the surfaces with plenty of clean water and a sponge until the discolored cleaning water is completely removed. Wipe the cleaned surfaces dry to avoid water stains. 

In the case of heavier soiling, the surface can be sanded from time to time with fine-grained sandpaper (100 grain). In commercial use, the surface of the slats of the benches of the sauna should be sanded with sandpaper or a grinder once or twice a year, or more often in cases of very heavy use. Dust masks or an exhaust system should be used during this work. 

The seating and bench surfaces can be cleaned regularly with disinfectants. For this purpose, the use of 3% hydrogen peroxide is recommended.


Disinfectants are highly corrosive, therefore the relevant safety regulations must be observed when using them in the sauna! Toxic residual products do not remain with hydrogen peroxide; it decomposes into oxygen and water on contact with organic material.

Care of the wall cladding

The outer walls of the sauna should be protected (impregnated) against the effects of moisture. The interior cladding together with the interior equipment (benches, etc.) must not be impregnated or painted.
The wooden surfaces of walls and ceilings should be cleaned once or twice a year, or more often in cases of very heavy use, by wiping these surfaces with a damp cloth (not wet, no hose, no high-pressure cleaner). We also recommend the use of KLAFS wood cleaner for saunas in this case.

Sauna door maintenance

The screw connections of the door handles should be tightened regularly. The door hinges should be lubricated at regular intervals. The door latches can be oiled regularly and readjusted if necessary.

Changing the sauna stones

We recommend changing the sauna stones 1x a year if you use the sauna regularly.


The wood paneling of the sauna (inside and outside) as well as the seats and benches must never be sprayed with a water hose or high-pressure cleaner. This also applies to cleaning the floor inside the cabin.

Using a high-pressure cleaner or running water will void the warranty of the entire sauna.

General instructions for commercial saunas

We recommend: Post one or more "Bathing Rules for Public Sauna Baths" notice boards in the sauna area (source of supply: German Sauna Association).

If you still have any questions about cleaning, call us.

KLAFS customer service will be happy to provide professional advice and quick assistance with your problems. And if the situation becomes acute, we can even be at your site within 24 hours if you order before 12:00 noon on Fridays. Accessories and spare parts if in stock can be sent by express (at extra charge) within 24 hours. 

Service Hotline: 00800 66 64 55 54

(free of charge for calls from landlines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the double zero must be dialed)