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The whole world of well-being

A sauna bath is only perfect when you can enjoy it with all your senses. And for this, everything must be tailored to your individual well-being down to the smallest detail and fit your needs perfectly. With the original KLAFS additional features and accessories, you can upgrade your sauna at any time with many different components for holistic wellness. Either from the beginning or also at a later point in time, as a retrofit.

Microsalt SaltProX

High feel-good factor, easy operation and maintenance, and handy format: SaltProX is the first microsalt device designed specifically for non-commercial customers. The positive effect of dry salt has been proven by many scientific studies.

Sauna lighting

From puristic to playful, from invisible to strikingly homely: our wide variety of lighting ideas literally create highlights in your sauna and provide additional comfort during sauna bathing.

  1. The intricate ornamental pattern of the ROMEO & JULIA sauna luminaires conjures up an attractive play of light on the heater and sauna ceiling. At the same time, the lamps are temperature resistant suitable for use above sauna heaters and dimmable. The luminaire ROMEO is with an inner shade in decorative anodized gold finish - the luminaire JULIA is made of painted and anodized aluminum.
  2. The practical KLAFS reading lamp with bending arm is attached to the cabin wall and can thus be adjusted to various positions. The satin glass provides a pleasant reading light.
  3. Sauna luminaire CLARA with its ornamental pattern milled in wood similar to the sauna luminaires ROMEO & JULIA radiates coziness and creates a warm atmosphere. 


A sauna is a particularly good place to calm down - just close your eyes and let your mind wander. But you can also let your gaze be pleasantly distracted. For example, by the contemplative STARRY SKY, which conjures up twinkling stars on the ceiling.


Recharge your batteries in the red light, laugh in the yellow atmosphere, relax in green or dream all in blue - where can that be better than in the sauna?

With the COLOR LIGHT you can completely immerse your sauna in your favorite hue and change the color. On request, also available with the innovative LIFTLIGHT, whose skin-tightening, collagen-forming effect unfolds particularly well in the sauna heat.

What else you need in the sauna: KLAFS sauna accessories

Three things are important for the warm-up phase in the sauna: the air temperature, the relative humidity, the duration of the sauna. Accordingly, as a sauna accessory you need a thermometer and a hygrometer, which is the technical term for the humidity meter. To be able to estimate the time, a sauna hourglass has proven best because it is heat resistant. Thermometers, developed and calibrated for all temperatures, are also no problem. The most complicated is the measurement of humidity. What is measured is not the actual water content, i.e. the absolute humidity, but the relative saturation of the air with water. Depending on the temperature, the air can absorb different amounts of water. Around freezing point, a cubic meter of air can only hold just under 5 grams of water. If this amount is exceeded, droplets are formed. At 50 °C, the same amount of air can absorb as little as 82 grams of water before steam is formed, and at 100 °C the figure is 590 grams per cubic meter of air. The respective maximum amount of water that the air can absorb until saturation is 100% humidity. The hygrometer measures the percentage of moisture present at the maximum saturation. If the hygrometer indicates 50% saturation, there would be 2.5 grams of water at 0 °, 41 grams at 80 °, and 245 grams at 100 °C. Therefore, it is important to always measure the temperature and humidity at the same level in the sauna room. On the second bench there can be a humidity of 5-15%, and on the third bench - 3-10%, to form a favorable sauna climate. Relative humidity measurement is more difficult to calibrate than temperature measurement. If the humidity in the sauna is high despite sufficiently long preheating, the measuring equipment may have become unreliable or the hygrometer may be hanging too low. Especially in winter, when the air in the room is already quite dry, heating it in the heater makes it even drier. Very dry air is not well tolerated by the mucous membranes, it "burns" the nose and eyes. Therefore, if the air is dry, a generous infusion should be made before the first sauna session until the relative humidity is sufficiently high. To increase the heat stimulus even more, it is often worthwhile making an infusion even during the stay in the sauna cabin.