• Sauna heater with automatic infusion
  • Optimum heat with wave function

The infusion master for your home sauna.

Take time out to relax. Now with the newest technology that special moment of tranquility can be even more relaxing with the SANARIUM® heater MAJUS VITALITY BOOST. Enjoy automatic infusion with integrated warm air diffusion for a fuller all round intensity and relaxation exeperience within your home sauna.

Vitality Boost

Intensive infusion in a relaxed & personalised way

SANARIUM® heater MAJUS with automatic infusion and wave function with five different programmes for your home sauna.

Beneficial perspiration

The VITALITY BOOST allows the full potential of your sauna heater to operate in a multifunctional way. A true spa experience but within the home with the worlds first personalised heat waving system. The perfectly designed wave function directs the heat specifically towards the body allowing the skin to heat up immediately and intensify perspiration in an beneficial and effective way.

Easy to use

Your new sauna experience starts with "HEY KLAFS". The infusion is voice activated or can be simply activated with the sauna control or start button in the cabin.

Optimum heat boost

The wave system is integrated into the SANARIUM® heater therefore the heat cloud can be directed to wherever you are within the cabin. With flexible slats, the warm air is evenly distributed and you can enjoy your sauna bath from head to toe wrapped in an intense cloud of heat.

Automatic infusion for extra relaxation

With five different programmes – from a mild, warm air programme without moisture or a gentle wash of water to an intensive infusion of water – you are in control of both the intensity and water content of your infusion.

Maximum safety

Too close to hot steam or hot splashes? Worries about burns are a thing of the past with VITALITY BOOST. The remote control and the infusion distribution tray ensure safe infusion without splashes and even distribution of the water over the sauna stones. The integrated infusion tank can be easily removed from the heater for filling and then reinserted.

Vitality Boost equipment

Technical details of the automatic infusion function.

Infusion programmes

1. Dry wave (an infusion without water) with heat clouds for even heat distribution, giving a mild stimulation. The existing temperature stratification is quickly and evenly distributed over the body.
2. Gentle infusion with little water and gentle waving.
3. Classic infusion with water only, known as classic Finnish infusion.
4. Classic infusion starting with water only and followed by intensive waving.
5. Intensive infusion with lots of water and intense heat clouds - known as Alpine infusion.

Mode of action

Waving: Through the movement of the air, the thermal protective film of air lying on the skin is pushed away and replaced by the moving air. This results in a more direct and stronger heat input. Humidity: The condensation of humidity on the skin reduces the cooling effect caused by sweating. This results in additional heat input. Warmth clouds: The existing heat is used effectively and efficiently through rapid distribution throughout the bathing area of the cabin.

MAJUS sauna and SANARIUM® heater

The MAJUS free-standing sauna heater is visually appealing and is just as impressive on a technical level. The low heating rod load ensures an exceptionally long service life, and the innovatively designed thermal insulation makes it efficient. What’s more, with its filling capacity of 60kg of sauna stones, it offers the same infusion characteristics as other heaters but with significantly increased stone volume. Read more about the Turboheat function!
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  • 5 No. multifunctional infusion forms all with different intensities.
  • Wave system: two zones can be individually adjusted to desired position for either seated or lying postion.
  • Infusion tank: integrated in the front of the heater. Removable for easy filling.
  • SANARIUM® MAJUS floor-standing heater with patented Turboheat function
  • VDE-tested
  • Extra-large stone basket with a filling capacity of approx. 60 kg original Finnish olive stones for long heat storage and intensive infusions
  • Power levels: 6 to 12 KW
  • External dimensions 960 x 485 x 485 mm (H x W x D)

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