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It’s never to soon to treat yourself to a sauna. And never too late! Thanks to the fact that each and every KLAFS sauna is a one-off, made-to-measure product, we can transform your dreams of warmth and shelter into aesthetically delightful and technologically stunning reality at a moment’s notice – whether it’s the initial planning phase for a new house, or incorporating a sauna harmoniously into an old family home. The excellence of our work is demonstrated by countless international examples.


From tiny to colossal. At home and on the road. In a forgotten corner of an attic, a vaulted cellar, a yacht, or a luxury designer hotel. Why are we showing you this? Because we think a brand which represents saunas and spas in some of the most luxurious locations this world can offer is only just good enough for your home.

Sauna Planning for demanding Rooms

Our experts and designers love liaising with the architects for your new apartment or house to plan and design a perfect spa retreat for you. We also welcome the creative challenge of extracting the potential from existing spatial conditions. Conditions which some might consider complicated – bay windows, sloping ceilings, cellars – we regard these as exhilarating inspiration and as opportunities to demonstrate the flexible manner in which KLAFS is able to transform even the most demanding nooks and crannies or wide open rooms into the most perfect spa havens you could possibly imagine.

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... and the world can wait. Immerse yourself in some time-out with reading and relaxation. The KLAFS catalogue has 117 pages dedicated to the sauna lifestyle. Factsheets on every single KLAFS product await you between interesting stories.
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Individual sauna design

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Sauna under a sloping roof: Perfect solution for your home

Can you install a sauna under a sloping roof? Although sloping roofs make for a cosy space, they make installing a sauna a complicated process. Whatever the difficult situation, whether it be uneven walls or angular bay windows: we see nothing but a welcome challenge. Time and time again, we come up with unconventional, customised, individual pieces that are integrated perfectly into their surroundings on the basis of the many models in the PREMIUMAURAPURE and EMPIRE series. But even very detailed designs such as those from CASENA or SHAPE can also be installed virtually anywhere. With these unique creations, sauna baths can become a particular pleasure, even where the installation process is tricky.


Discover KLAFS Saunas in unusual installations

The Tailor-made personal Sauna: Our private past Projects

by Kerstin Baldauf
Sauna Pure
A spacious sauna for the whole family
Sauna Premium
From cold garage to wellness oasis
Sauna Matteo Thun

Your personal Sauna

Are you looking for a sauna with a very personal feel that blends in beautifully with your home environment, right down to the last detail? Then KLAFS is exactly the place to be. Tell us which materials, wood and designs you're envisaging, and our specialists will create your very own dream sauna from your ideas. Of course, just because we are creating a sauna tailor made to your preferences and ideas, you do not need to forego any of the technical innovations or the unique aesthetic details of our saunas.

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