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Enjoy the silence.

Not wanting to be anywhere but where you are, with the people who matter most. The PREMIUM sauna makes a house the center of the world.


According to your taste

The PREMIUM sauna stands not only for a particularly high-quality cabin, but also for its owner's sense of style.

Design diversity

Our lifestyles are different and varied – and the PREMIUM sauna reflects this. Design the exterior and interior according to your wishes.

Boundless adaptability

Whether adapted to the millimeter in a sloping roof or standing open in the room, there are no limits to your wishes. The PREMIUM sauna adapts.

Sauna - Wherever you want

Whether with a round, square or pentagonal floor plan, as an alcove installation or under a sloping roof - the variety of layout and installation options of the PREMIUM sauna is almost endless. Photo © Domio GmbH & Co. KG

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PREMIUM sauna equipment

Interior design

The interior panelling is possible with different wood finishes (e.g., Scandinavian spruce or hemlock) with horizontal panelling on request. The exterior cladding can also be chosen to best suit the interior of the home. The high-quality standard equipment of the PREMIUM sauna with ergonomically shaped headrests and backrests in obeche and disappearing dark substructure can be further refined with many extras such as sauna pendant lights or LED coloured lights.

FERO sauna and SANARIUM® heater

The FERO free-standing heater is ideal for smaller sauna floor plans. With its unobtrusive design, it blends harmoniously into all sauna series and - despite its compact size - makes intensive infusions possible. Available in two sizes.
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MAJUS sauna and SANARIUM® heater

The MAJUS free-standing sauna heater is visually appealing and is just as impressive on a technical level. The low heating rod load ensures an exceptionally long service life, and the innovatively designed thermal insulation makes it efficient. What’s more, with its filling capacity of 60kg of sauna stones, it offers the same infusion characteristics as other heaters but with significantly increased stone volume.
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BONATHERM sauna heater

Wonderfully invisible - this is the best way to describe the BONATHERM under bench heating system. The sauna heater sits discreetly under the bench and ensures an even temperature distribution and perfect climate. It is not only safe for children - it allows for extra space within the sauna.
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Sauna control unit 21028

The VDE-tested KLAFS sauna control 21028 with 3.5" colour touch display has an easy-to-understand, intuitive user interface. In addition to the basic functions, such as setting and displaying the desired temperature and bathing time, the 21028 has a 4-hour automatic switch-off function.

Sauna control unit 21029 / 21033

The KLAFS sauna control units 21029 and 21033 (SANARIUM®) are an elegant, flat ‘one box’ design with a high-quality printed glass panel and 7-inch colour display. Its intuitive design and clear display ensures a user-friendly experience. The controls are also available as a T-model with a separate power section on request.

Sauna control unit 21029 T/21033 T

The KLAFS sauna control units 21029 T and 21033 T impress with their minimalist, elegant design, high-quality inlay aluminum look (available in 6 anodized colors) and separate power section. The flat, floating and compact style is complemented by intuitive user guidance and a clear user interface.

KLAFS Sauna App

With the KLAFS app, you can conveniently control your SANARIUM® whilst on the go. The SANARIUM® will await you perfectly heated to your desired temperature, saving you both time and energy. The app offers all the conveniences of being able to switch your SANARIUM® on and off, checking its status, presetting the time, and regulating the humidity.

KLAFS KNX module

The individually configurable interface with predefined data points connects your sauna with the on-site building management system. The programming and transfer of the data points to the building management system is a service provided by the customer. The KNX module can only be used in conjunction with a 21029 or 21033 control unit.


  • Numerous woods and decors for exterior cladding, but also possible preparation for on-site cladding or painting.  
  • Upon request, standard or custom glass elements and fronts, with soffits for existing windows. 
  • Custom installation is possible in sloping ceilings and/or alcoves. 
  • High-quality standard equipment of ergonomically shaped headrests, backrests, and screens between the benches. 
  • The optional PREMIUM design package can further refine the sauna. 
  • Intermediate sizes in a 10:10 cm grid are available as standard.  
  • Assembly by our trained specialist fitters. 

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